Butler and Kyrie to Lead Knicks Superteam (Maybe)

Butler and Kyrie to Lead Knicks Superteam (Maybe)

When you Google “Knicks Superteam”, your search will return articles that are interesting and borderline funny. Former league MVP Derrick Rose called the New York Knicks a super-team after he joined forces with Carmelo Anthony there in 2016, comparing them to the Golden State Warriors. This ultimately became a laughable concept. Flash forward to July 2018, and new details have emerged that may indicate the New York Knicks may be a big landing spot for free agents next summer, and therefore, a potential birthplace for the NBA’s next super team.

It all started when Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times broke a story earlier this month that Jimmy Butler of the Minnesota Timberwolves has become unhappy with his teammates, especially stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Wiggins, after their first-round playoff exit. He then goes on to say that Butler tried convincing Chicago management before leaving the Bulls to make a deal for Kyrie Irving, after it became clear he wanted out of Cleveland. Chicago ultimately shipped Butler out instead. Chris Haynes of ESPN has also reported that Kyrie provided Cleveland with a list of top trade destinations last year, with both New York and Minnesota making the short list, which also connects him to Butler and the Knicks.

Then, this week, per Nick Friedell and ESPN, Butler turned down a four-year $100 million contract extension with the T-Wolves. Many experts have said this doesn’t mean anything, as he could easily make more, even from the Wolves, if he were to wait and play his cards right. Yet, this could still certainly be the biggest domino to fall. Most importantly, Butler recently “liked” a comment on Instagram suggesting he and Irving go to the Knicks in 2019.

One thing is for sure, if there’s one thing that Lebron’s move to Los Angeles has proven without a shadow of a doubt, it’s that we have entered an era of the NBA where the location of the team and the lifestyle it comes with may matter just as much as the basketball to be played. Unfortunately for the smaller markets, big-name free agents are going to become harder and harder to sign. Butler and Irving haven’t been shy about their mutual admiration for each other and now, Butler hasn’t been shy about his desire to play with Irving.

Why not New York for a couple of guys who love the spotlight and don’t mind the cold weather? Add Kristaps Porzingis, Kevin Knox, and Enes Canter to the starting line-up with new coach David Fizdale, and you’ve got the makings of a super team. A super team where one star has a bad injury history and thinks the world is flat, and another who can’t get along with his teammates and sat out the all-star game without allowing another player to take his place. But a super team nonetheless.


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