Bruins Offense Will End Their Season

Bruins Offense Will End Their Season

Heading into this season the main concern for the Boston Bruins was how their Defense would fill the hole of losing long time Captain Zdeno Chara, and Torey Krug.

However just five games away from the half way point of the season, the main concern for the Bruins is the opposite, their Offense.

The Bruins currently have a record of 13-6-4, and are in fourth place in the MassMutual East Division.

Through 23 games played Boston has scored 66 goals for (24th in the NHL), and have allowed 56 goals against (4th fewest in the NHL).

As of right now the Bruins’ top line of Bergeron, Marchand, and Pastrnak have scored a total of 32 goals, that leaves the entire rest of the roster scoring just 34 goals; this absolutely will not get Boston anywhere near a deep run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

When taking a step further, 66 goals in 23 games played comes out to 2.78 goals for per game, 56 goals against in 23 games comes out to 2.35 goals against per game.

For comparison, in the 2019-2020 Regular Season, the Bruins averaged 3.24 goals for per game, and 2.39 goals against per game.

One year earlier, the Bruins averaged 3.13 goals for per game, and 2.59 goals against per game; Boston eventually lost to the St. Louis Blues in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals that year.

Obviously easier said than done, but all Boston needs to do is find a way to tally three goals a game and there’s not many games they won’t be winning.

So far losing six games in regulation, and four in an overtime/shootout, of those ten games, in nine of them the Bruins scored two goals or fewer, of those nine in six of those games Boston lost by just one goal.

To make matters worse, in the last five games Boston is 2–1-2, yet they have allowed just one goal against in each of those games (2-1 losses to Washington, and New Jersey were in a shootout).

Clearly if the Bruins can not find scoring from their depth, moves are going to be needed to be made if Boston wants any chance of another run at the Stanley Cup this season as Bergeron is 35, Marchand is 32, Krejci is 34, Rask is 34, and Halak is 35 (the last three all up for new contracts at the end of this year).

The Bruins next six games consist of two games against each of the Rangers, Penguins, and Sabres in which they will be looking to find a way to get their offense going.

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