Brock Lesnar makes history with Championship regin

Brock Lesnar makes history with Championship regin

As of yesterday, Brock Lesnar has officially surpassed CM Punk as the longest reigning champion in modern WWE history.


While the official longest reign is held by Bruno Sammartino at 2,000+ days as champion, Brock Lesnar has now officially been Universal Champion for 436 days, with CM Punk holding the previous record as WWE Champion of 434 days.

This news comes with some controversy, as Lesnar has only defended his championship a total of 10 times since winning the big red belt at WM 33 against Goldberg. Currently, Brock Lesnar is not set to defend his championship until SummerSlam in August, with the speculation that Roman Regins will be the front runner for a shot at the belt.


It should also be mentioned that it is around that time in which Lesnar’s current WWE contract will be expiring, with many expecting that he will leave to go back to UFC for a possible bout with Jon Jones.

How many championship defenses will we see from Lesnar before he departs? Will he depart? Will he leave with the belt? Only time will tell, so stay tuned.


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