Breaking: IMPACT Wrestling to Simulcast IMPACT on Twitch and Pursuit Channel

Breaking: IMPACT Wrestling to Simulcast IMPACT on Twitch and Pursuit Channel

IMPACT Wrestling may be moving to a different channel, but they have ensured that all of their viewers will not miss a single moment of IMPACT!

During the IMPACT Wrestling: Homecoming event, Josh Matthews and Don Callis have confirmed that IMPACT will be officially be simulcasted for all viewers. In addition to being aired on their new home channel (the Pursuit Channel) on Fridays at 10PM, IMPACT will also be streamed at the same time on their official Twitch channel as well!

This comes off the heels of the announcement that IMPACT would be ending their broadcast relationship with POP!, following a series of time-and-day shifts in schedule, which has resulted in a tumultuous shift in ratings. Last month, it was announced that IMPACT would officially be airing on the Pursuit Channel, which is owned by Anthem (IMPACT’s parent company). This caused concern with the promotion’s fanbase as the channel was not available on most cable carriers, leaving a majority of viewers without a reliable way to watch the show.

With this latest development, IMPACT has now secured a universal base to allow their viewers to reliably view the show. The news has now been confirmed on Impact’s official Twitter account as well.

IMPACT Wrestling will be simulcasting on the Pursuit Channel, as well as their official Twitch Channel starting this Friday (1/11/19) at 10PM ET.



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