Brawl at New York Giants Mini Camp

Brawl at New York Giants Mini Camp

A fight at the N.Y. Giants Mini camp erupted this morning. Defensive Tackle Damon “Snacks” Harrison exhanged a few pleasantries with an unnamed offensive lineman. Rookie Guard Will Hernandez stepped into the scuffle, causing his helmet fell off. Harrison then swung at Hernandez with the rookies helmet, narrowly missing.

Following the helmet swing, Hernandez followed with a flurry of punches directed at Harrison. No real connections were made, but this is certainly more serious that the average camp scuffle.

Harrison never backs down from a challenge, and second round draft pick Hernandez has been in four or five scuffles already this offseason. The rookie is rather lucky; had that helmet shot connected, it could have ended his season, or worse, his career.


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