Bouwmeester Suffers Medical Emergency During Game

Bouwmeester Suffers Medical Emergency During Game

St. Louis Blues defenceman Jay Bouwmeester has suffered a medical emergency while on the bench in a game versus the Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center.

A tweet from the Anaheim Ducks’ official Twitter account explains that the emergency happened near the Blues’ bench.

Anaheim Ducks Twitter

The game was suspended with 7:50 left to go in the first period, and minutes later, it was postponed. Many players on the Blues’ team have been reported to be extremely shaken up. Bouwmeester has since been reported to be “alert, awake, and conscious” on his way to the hospital. The game will be made up at a later date.

Reports state that members of the Blues immediately called for medical help when Bouwmeester slumped over in the bench and began to slowly fall while reaching for a water bottle. Both teams gathered around the Blues bench in distress and were later ushered to their respective locker rooms. The score was tied at 1 at the time.

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Blues analyst Darren Pang reported that doctors and trainers were on the case immediately and a defibrillator is “close by” to Bouwmeester.

Bouwmeester, 36, has one goal and eight assists in his eighth season with the Blues. He has been known for his strong skating and conditioning. He was on the ice for one minute and 20 seconds in his shift immediately prior to collapsing on the bench. Bouwmeester’s father was in attendance as part of the team’s annual “Dad’s Trip.”

The Blues released a statement early Wednesday morning, stating that Bouwmeester suffered a “cardiac episode and collapsed on the bench after completing his shift.” The statement went on to say that medical trainers and physicians responded quickly and were able to stabilize him, and he was alert and moving all his extremities as he was transported to an Anaheim hospital.

Bouwmeester continues to undergo further testing by the hospital’s physicians. We wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

Featured photo courtesy of Dave Sandford / The Hockey News

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