Boston Paintball’s 5-man Season Opener Taken By Storm

Boston Paintball’s 5-man Season Opener Taken By Storm

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for today’s tournament. What started as a sloppy and rainy day quickly turned into a sunny day. Eight teams started this gorgeous day ready to get their season off on the right track, and the Las Vegas layout was exactly what was needed. You could feel the anticipation thick in the air as teams got prepared.

Here was the way the tournament was set up. Eight teams started the day in a round robin style. Each team had four games. After each team completed the four initial games, there was a four team playoff with the teams that had the best records.

The throw-together mashup team of Chubby Yeti Militia, and the franchise teams Veteran’s Militia, Xtreme Green, and New England Knights all got knocked out before the playoffs. Of those teams, New England Knights looked the strongest as a whole.

Chubby Yeti Militia had a rough day. The only upside of the day for them was when Job Clayborn had one of the craziest five packs I’ve ever seen. A five pack is when one man takes out the entire other five man team by himself.

In the second point of the first match, they went down a guy due to Ryan Ferguson and David Marchant having issues with their new helmets not coming with a chinstrap. Tyler Winslow got flagged for his gun shooting 16 balls per second in their preliminary match against Manchester Half Cock’D. The standard rate is 10.5 balls per second. The match point ended up getting reversed leading to a Half Cock’D win.

Those eliminations left Northern Storm, Dude Crew, Manchester Half Cock’D, and Annihilation in the semi finals. The funniest moment of the day was when Thomas Turck of Northern Storm spent over three minutes running around defending the empty field because he didn’t know everyone on the opposite team was eliminated.

Annihilation was hands down my favorite going into the playoffs. They were completely untouchable giving up only 1 point in the four preliminary wins. Manchester Half Cock’D started the day strong but just couldn’t keep the momentum going. They were a semi-final exit as well. They finished the day with a few beers and a fourth place finish.

Northern Storm took home the hardware over Dude Crew in the finals. The above mentioned Turck spent a good amount of the day shutting down the snake side. His teammates Kyle Auger and Chris Mack shut down the middle and dorito side respectively.

Turck said after the final game, “It was our first game together, being able to learn off each other and grow as a team was good, we plan on going hard this season and continuing to take home the hardware.”

“A lot of us had to humble ourselves with the way the day started out,” also commented Alan Anocibar. The team started the day 0-2 and went on to win their next two games to slide into the playoffs. Northern Storm would then go on to take every point in the playoffs.

Featured Photo Cred: Aaron Perry (Game Changer Sports Network)

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