Boston Paintball – Season In Review So Far

Boston Paintball – Season In Review So Far

The Boston Paintball season has been filled with ups and downs for everyone all season. From the numerous teams cycling through D4 5-man to the New England Outlawz running the show in D3 X-ball, and everything in between.

As we all get ready for event number 4, we are going to take a look at how the season has gone so far. Personally, I like to start with the lowest division and work my way towards the higher divisions. With that being said, we are going to dive straight into the NEPL 5-Man information.

Thomas Turck has lit up the field alongside the guys in Northern Storm and after Event 3’s breakdown there is a good chance that Cameron Bourque, Jake Morrill, Alan Ancobar, Chris McIntoch, and the rest of the Northern Storm boys will be coming back to the field with a fire. A seventh place finish can’t sit well with them after two straight victories to open up the season.

The part that really has to sting for the Storm boys is that when they finished seventh they were knocked down to second in the standings. Dude Crew had another solid outing that resulted in their second third place finish of the season and they have hit the podium every time the have stepped on the field this season. So far, they are the perfect example of a team that doesn’t have to win to get it done.

It would take a long shot for Event 3 winner Portland Puffins to take home the season championship but it is not impossible. They missed the first event of the season and still sit sixth in the standings. There is a 96 point gap between them and Dude Crew at the top.

A lot of teams come and go in 5-man throughout the season as made evident by the season standings. The Anti-Hero’s looked solid in their first match up in Boston Paintball this year and if they stay consistent I think that they could be a hard team to beat in events to come. Xtreme Green is well… green. They have a lot of work to put in before we can take them serious.

D4 5-man

As we move on to D4 5-Man, the story boils down to one man moving into Event 4. Thomas Turck is no longer with the Merrimack Valley Spartans. The two event winners have decided that they no longer need his services after an 11th place finish that knocked them out of the top spot in the standings. Turck is the only man with four first place finishes in Boston Paintball this season across all divisions.

New England Rebellion have put in work this year in their first year as a team. It has shown as they took home Bronze at Event 3 and moved up into the Bronze spot for the season. Salt City Syndicate is another team who is consistently getting better as the season progresses. A loss in the finals of Event 3 to Fort Drum was the apex of their season. With the way they have all of a sudden made their presence known, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take a win in one of the next two events.

The first place Warriors have eight teams within 100 points if them. If they want to secure that top spot for the season then they really need to find a way to pull it together when the playoffs hit. They look extremely good at every event in the prelims and then just fall apart when the playoffs start. The Warriors have the hardest path to a championship of any division leader at this point in time.

D4 X-Ball

The Boston Paintball season has three events down. This means that there are only two to go. The New England Outlawz have dominated the field by winning two events and coming in second place in the one event they didn’t win. The have been absolutely on fire this season.

The Outlawz hold almost a ninety point lead in the standing over New England Infamous and Deadbox Factory, who are tied for second. New England Voltage sits in fourth and has been on an upward trend all season and look to finally secure a victory in Event 4.

D3 X-Ball Season standings

As we know, Pew Pew Platter and New England Wreckage were both fill in teams for Events 1 and 2, respectively. We will not see them again this season as the Maine Axemen have filled the final spot for the rest of the season. Mathematically, they cannot win the entire thing this season. All Deadbox Factory and Infamous have to do to secure the fact that Axemen can’t even podium this season is show up to the two events and finish at least 6th or better in both events.

According to a privately made comment from one of the players, the Chubby Chasers are looking to add a few former members to the squad for Event 4. This could come in handy as they sit in 8th in the standings which means they rank last of the teams who have been in every event.  They are another team that mathematically cannot take home first on the podium this season. That means they could win the next two events and still only finish second.

It was announced earlier this week that event 4 would be played on the NXL Prague layout.


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