Boston Paintball Combine Interview: Andrew Roach (New England Rebellion)

Boston Paintball Combine Interview: Andrew Roach (New England Rebellion)

I’m going to take you back a couple weeks to the Boston Paintball Combine. In this Interview I have Andrew Roach who, with a core of his former team, broke off from their previous team to start a whole new one. The New England Rebellion look like they are ready to battle it out with the best and make a name for themselves in the 2019 season.

Jake: “You’re on New England Rebellion, how long have you been with this team?

Andrew: “I’ve been a part of Rebellion since it’s inception, which was mid-November of 2018. Five of us played together as part of a different team in 2018 and decided we wanted to create our own thing. We wanted to create a team that’s committed to doing what we have to do to win, but we also want to have fun doing it.”

J: “So you guys haven’t played a game together as a full team yet, do you think that will have an effect on your first event? Do you think you’ll have the team chemistry down yet?

A: “It’s a valid concern, but it’s something we’re looking to resolve well before we play our first event. Rebellion’s core 5 played together in 2018, so we have a solid foundation to work with. While holding our 2019 try-outs we’re primarily focused on 3 things: 1) a players ability 2) their prior tournament experience and 3) how well they gel with the team. By ensuring the new player fits in with the rest of the group, we’re hopefully mitigating any chemistry issues.”

J: “What division are you guys playing in this season?

A: “D4 xball. We are currently a franchised team in the NEXL and are planning to participate in some national NXL events as well.”

J: “Have you played for any other teams?

A: “Yes, during the 2018 season I played for Mass Collision, a D4 foXball team. We also played in the NXL’s Atlantic City event where we placed 5th.”

J: “When the five of you left Mass Collision, did that team completely disband, or are they also re-tooling for next season?

A: “Yes, from what I understand that team has disbanded for numerous reasons. I am very grateful for the opportunity and experience I gained with Collision, as they took me on as a player with no prior tournament experience.”

J: “When the combine was announced, what made you decide to attend?

A: “I participated in the 2018 combine and overall had a good exercise. At the time I was just getting into tournament paintball so it was a great opportunity for me to get some good 1-on-1 time directly with some professionals. I wasn’t planning on participating in the 2019 Combine until a teammate convinced me to, and I’m really happy I did. This year’s Combine was really fun and totally different than 2018’s.”

J: “What made this year’s combine different than last year’s?”

A: “This year’s session was more in line with my expectation when I hear the word ‘combine’, while last year’s session felt more like a clinic that was being held by professionals. Each drill consisted of a pro giving a quick rundown and example of each drill, each participant taking a practice run with feedback from the pros, then scored runs. Boston Paintball and BKi was nice enough to provide video examples of each drill in the week leading up to the combine, so participants could prepare beforehand. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I stacked up against the other participants.”

J: “Which pro taught you the most at the combine?

A: “This year I learned a ton from Nick Leival of Edmonton Impact. Running full speed into a hop slide wasn’t something I was very comfortable with until we worked on our technique at the combine. After a few pointers from Nick I was able to reduce my time in the drill, and I believe I had the best time in my heat. After the drill sessions I also spent time with Nick working on 1v1 strategy and played some 5v5 games on the same team.”

J: “Overall, was the combine worth it to you?

A: “Yes, absolutely. I can’t wait for next year’s.”

J: “What are your team’s goals for this season?

A: “As a brand new team with very high expectations, our goals are to place top 3 in some of the NECL events, as well as an NXL event. These are very high aspirations, but we are building a squad that’s willing to dedicate the time and effort to becoming successful.”

Thank you Andrew for the time and I look forward to seeing the team out on the field this season!

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