Big Cass released from WWE

Big Cass released from WWE

Yesterday, WWE announced via social media that Big Cass, real name William Morrissey, had been released from the company. The ten word sentence, much like the one that was given to his former partner Enzo Amore, did not include “we wish them best in their future endeavors”

The absence of those words, and his sudden release, surprised many. Big Cass was seen as a favorite of Vince McMahon, and was set for an upper mid card push, even being put in a feud with Daniel Bryan, after his return back in April, and having his final match on WWE TV with Bryan at Money in the Bank last Sunday.


There have been multiple reports giving reason for WWE’s decision. However, it seems that the most popular reason would be due to his personal conduct, specifically his conduct during WWE’s last European Tour. According to Sports Illustrated, Cass “was drinking the majority of the [European] tour and had attitude issues when drunk”. Other outlets report that during one incident, Cass knocked down a bathroom door in a tour bus, and many of the talents were not pleased.

This isn’t the only documented issue that WWE has had with Cass, as he garnered a lot of heat from the WWE brass after he went off script during the now infamous Daniel Bryan-Little Person segment.

Cass reached his zenith in WWE while teaming with former Crusierweight Champion Enzo Amore. Them, along with Carmella, became NXT favorites in the Yellow & Black brand; although they never won tag team gold. When Amore and Cass made their way to the main roster, they had a ton of momentum, and they were pushing merchandise and ratings. Eventually, WWE split the two and pushed them into a feud. It was during this feud that Cass would tear his ACL, missing over 8-months of action. Amore was eventually released as well.


So what does the future hold for Cass? Does he have a future in the indies? Is there any chance that him and his former friend, Enzo Amore, get back together? We will have to wait and see!

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