Betances, Yankees Are Currently in a Sticky Situation

Betances, Yankees Are Currently in a Sticky Situation

In what can only be described as a head-scratching move, the Yankees have kept information about a bone spur in Dellin Betances throwing shoulder private. This knowledge dates back to 2006 when Betances took an MRI before signing his first professional contract with the team.

General Manager of the Yankees Brian Cashman said that “(Betances) hasn’t had the inflammation before” in response to why they had never informed Betances of the bone spur originally.

“He hasn’t had the inflammation before,” Cashman said. “On the various testing we’ve done since we signed him…(After) drafting (Betances) I gave him a $1 million to sign rather than go on to college, and you do a physical and there’s an MRI, and right away that was (a bone spur that was) an incidental incident, meaning it’s not affecting him.

“There is something there. It’s inconsequential, non-symptomatic. He hasn’t had to deal with this. It’s had no affect on his game or pitching in anyway shape or form. The various times we imaged him, if it was for insurance or whatever reason, it’s always been there, but it’s never been something that’s caused a problem.”

If doctors have an ethical obligation to disclose the existence of the bone spur to Betances, then that should mean the Yankees are in the wrong here as well. There is still a lot of unknown details at this point, but hopefully this doesn’t open the door towards a larger problem in Major League Baseball.

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