Best Finish of the Decade: Watkins Glen 2012

Best Finish of the Decade: Watkins Glen 2012

The only word that you can come up with after watching this race finish is, “Wow.”

It’s the summer of 2012, and the NASCAR Cup Series had descended on the small upstate New York town of Watkins Glen for its annual race weekend. In the closing laps of the race, it looked like Kyle Busch had yet another win safely to his name. However, both Marcos Ambrose and Brad Keselowski would have something to say about that.

As the trio crossed the stripe to take the white flag, Busch led Keselowski and Ambrose into turn one. Busch compromised his exit off of turn one, which allowed Keselowski to close to back bumper of Busch entering turn two. Keselowski put the bumper to Busch, sending him spinning in front of both Keselowski and Ambrose.

Keselowski and Ambrose would make it past Busch cleanly and tore down the backstretch with very little space separating the two. Keselowski’s car spewed smoke from the contact with Busch and as they entered the bus stop chicane, both drivers drove off the racing line into the grass on the entrance and exit of the corner.

Keselowski exited the carousel turn with only two turns left to decide the finish, but Ambrose was not far behind. With Keselowski’s car clearly damaged from the contact with Busch, he did everything in his power to get in Ambrose’s way. Ambrose made his way into the lead on the straight between turns 9 and 10. In a last ditch effort to steal the win, Keselowski gave Ambrose the bumper into turn 10, which send Ambrose wide. The two entered the final turn side by side, with Ambrose able to power out of the corner and to the checkered flag for the victory.

Seriously though….what a finish! (Watch it below!)

Featured Image Credit: Matthew Boyce

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