Belt Has Historic Night at The Plate

Belt Has Historic Night at The Plate

San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt found himself at the plate for 12 minutes and 45 seconds on Sunday, facing 21 pitches. Did we mention that was during only one at-bat?

This single at-bat now gives him the MLB record for most pitches in an at-bat.

Location chart during Belts’ 21 pitch at-bat. Courtesy of MLB.Com

As the team took on the Los Angeles Angels, rookie right-handed pitcher Jaime Barria was slated to start against the Giants. His start would only last 3 innings though, as Belt and company forced 49 pitches in the first inning alone.

During the at-bat Belt even joked with Angels catcher Martin Maldonado. Maldonado told Associated Press after the game, “He actually said that he hates when someone else does that.”

Belt responded, “If I’m in the field and somebody does it, I can’t stand it, But I wasn’t going to give in. I basically had to apologize to everyone after that.”

During the 21 pitch at-bat, Belt only swung and missed once, and took 9 pitches to reach a full-count. The duel ended in a line-out to right fielder Kole Calhoun.

The previous record holder was Ricky Gutierrez, who achieved the feat on June 26, 1998 when he faced Bartolo Colon.

While the face-off did not result in a hit, the Giants would go on to be victorious 4-2.


Picture Credit: MercuryNews.Com; MLB.Com

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