Behind The Visor: Szabolcs Szathmari

Behind The Visor: Szabolcs Szathmari

Behind the Visor is a series that will give you a glimpse into the life of drivers on the Evolution Simsport team. These drivers come from all over the world, all different life styles, but find common ground in their love for racing and competition. In this series we will take a look at Szabolcs Szathmari.

Name: Szabolcs Szathmari

Location: Romania

Age: 32

Background: Szabolcs started his simulation racing career in 2006 with F1 Challenge and continued through until 2016. At this point he switched over to rFactor until March 2019 when he came to iRacing. Since then he has dedicated all of his free time to learning, improving, and reaching his goal of becoming one of the best drivers in the world. He proved he was capable of this during 2019 Season 4 when he finished 3rd overall in Formula Renault 2.0, and was the World Champion of Division 2.

Some of the things he enjoys are science, anything related to the universe, AI and aliens. When he does get time to watch TV or catch a movie, chances are it’s something related to those topics, or post apocalyptic worlds. However, time is limited for Szabolcs as he spends almost all of his free time on iRacing.

He chooses to stay on iRacing because it is the most realistic simulation when you compare it to other simulation racers. The competition online is also more competitive that the others he has tried before, and overall the community is quite mature, something he didn’t expect at first. For those reasons, Szabolcs has decided to make his home at Evolution Simsport and dedicate himself to be one of the best Formula Renault 2.0 racers in the world.

Setup: Logitech G29

Vehicle Choice: Formula Renault 2.0

Series Driven: Formula Renault 2.0

You can catch Szabolcs racing Here as well as his fellow drivers throughout the season on the Official Evolution Simsport Facebook Page.

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