Behind The Visor: Kris Ryan

Behind The Visor: Kris Ryan

Behind the Visor is a series that will give you a glimpse into the life of drivers on the Evolution Simsport team. These drivers come from all over the world, all different life styles, but find common ground in their love for racing and competition. In this series we will take a look at Kris Ryan.

Name: Kris Ryan

Location: Ohio, USA

Age: 20

Background: Kris started iRacing in 2015. Since then he has grown to be one of the top competitors in NASCAR series, but has grown his skill set in other series as well, such as F1. In 2019 Season 4 he raced his best season yet, as well as competing in his first ever Daytona 24 hour. Outside of the iRacing scene, Kris does not compete, but does enjoy all forms of motor sport and would always be down to tear it up in karts with his friends.

Ryan chooses iRacing over anything else because it is the best simulation out there, and it is fun. The dedication you put into the cars and series really shows within your performance. He also enjoys that at any given race you could be lining up next to a real life professional just practicing for their own races, or having fun.

Setup: Thrustmaster T150

Vehicle Choice: NASCAR Cup Car

Series Driven: NASCAR A-Fixed

You can catch Kris racing Here as well as his fellow drivers throughout the season on the Official Evolution Simsport Facebook Page.

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