Bears Can Still Land Russell Wilson, But At What Cost To The Team?

Bears Can Still Land Russell Wilson, But At What Cost To The Team?

Just before free agency began this year rumors started swirling around that the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks were deep in trade talks surrounding stud QB Russell Wilson. An offer was made and Seattle took a day to sleep on it before deciding on the trade. Ultimately, they declined the offer and that left Bears fans in a bit of a disappointing situation. However, the Chicago Bears are not out on the superstar QB just yet, and they can still land Russell Wilson before the season starts, it’s just going to cost them some pieces they aren’t willing to give up.

Both Bears General Manager Ryan Pace and Seattle General Manager John Schneider were seen talking together in North Dakota at potential first round QB Trey Lance’s pro day. If Seattle wasn’t actually looking into trading Wilson then their GM most definitely wouldn’t be the man who was sent to the pro day with the limited number of personnel allowed at pro days this year due to Covid protocols. When the deal fell apart the Bears signed QB Andy Dalton to a one year, $10 million deal.

The rumored deal in place was QB Russell Wilson for this years 20th overall pick, Chicago’s 2022 and 2023 first round picks as well as two defensive starters. So to land Wilson, Ryan Pace offered three first round picks and two key members of his defense. The Chicago Bears can still land Russell Wilson, it just won’t be easy is this is what they have already turned down.

In the aftermath of all of this we can tell now who the two starters in the trade would have probably been. CB Kyle Fuller is the first name that comes to mind. He is currently set to be released to save cap space although the Bears didn’t file the paperwork officially so they could be looking at other trade partners. The second name is DE Akeem Hicks. The 31 year old has been given permission to seek out a trade. Both of these players will not be on the Bears roster come pre-season and they are exactly what the trade rumors mentioned. *Update: Fuller has been released and signed by the Denver Broncos and Hicks is unlikely to be traded*

Things in Chicago are standing out as we go through each day. Everything already mentioned above plus some. Small things that by themselves don’t seem to be a big deal but when you add them all together, you start to see that they could be gearing up for something huge. Allen Robinson decided to sign his franchise tag after stating that he had “zero interest” in doing so and then all of a sudden decided to sign it.

The Seahawks are going to want to be able to start a full rebuild if they lose Russell Wilson. Most everyone knows that Head Coach Pete Carroll won’t want to take part in a slow rebuild. If I am Ryan Pace here is the offer that I would make to the Chicago Bears right now and can still land Russell Wilson. You will have to give up a big haul if you really want to land him.

CHICAGO GETS: QB Russell Wilson

SEATTLE GETS: 2021 First Round Pick (20th Overall), 2021 Third Round Pick (83rd Overall), 2022 First Round Pick, 2023 First Round Pick. OLB Khalil Mack, WR Allen Robinson

Picture Source: CBSSports

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