Ball and Chain for Modrić while Pérez hides the Key

Ball and Chain for Modrić while Pérez hides the Key

According to reports, Florentino Pérez blatantly refuses to meet with Croatian midfielder Luka Modrić, who in the past few weeks has expressed desire to leave Real Madrid. The Los Blancos president already postponed a planned meeting last Thursday, when Modrić was expected to express his desire to leave.

On that same Thursday, Thibaut Courtois’ introduction in the Spanish capital was due to be announced. The fact was used as an excuse by Pérez, giving Friday as the other option. However, the meeting between the two never took place, as Pérez reportedly not only refused to show up, but also firmly denied any future hopes for Modrić to leave Madrid.

With the Italian transfer deadline on Friday the 17th of August, Inter has been rushing the transfer in hopes to bring in the high-profile midfielder. On Saturday, manager Luciano Spalletti acknowledged Madrid’s silent strategies, yet remaining optimistic for the signing.

Worst case scenario for Modrić?

While more details remain undisclosed to the public, the Croatian star will be consoled with a hefty payment during his stay in Madrid. Aside his complaints, Luka’s wage will be matching that of captain Sergio Ramos with numbers being at £200,000 per week. Not bad for a workplace you hate, eh?

As for Real Madrid’s situation, this news confirms once again the current chaos that thrives in the club. In June, Madrid lost Zinedine Zidane as the manager, and Cristiano Ronaldo as the face of the club. Pérez may be able to make it without losing any more key players this transfer window, but he still has a lot to think about as the season approaches rapidly.


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