Austin Wilson’s 2020 Mock Draft 2.0

With the 2020 NFL season officially over, it is time for my next mock draft. I would first like to congratulate Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the rest of the  Kansas City Chiefs organization on a remarkable Super Bowl victory. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s get to what you came here for.


PICK #1-  Joe Burrows Inserts Himself Into the Bengals Mess

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Unfortunately, I still do not see the Bengals backing down from Burrow. If there were any doubts about him before, winning The National Championship surely put them to rest. Burrow is the real deal, and while his physical attributes may leave a little to be desired, he is going to be the #1 pick. I feel bad for him because I think he has a lot of potential to be an NFL starter, but I don’t see him accomplishing much in Cincinnati. However, if the Bengals hit on more picks than just Burrow, maybe, JUST maybe, it could be the start of a new era in Cincy.



PICK #2- Chase Makes Rivera’s Defense Feel Young Again

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This is still my favorite pick in the top ten. We have seen what Ron Rivera has done with great pass rushers. The addition of Young to a youthful defensive line featuring Vita Vea, Da’Ron Payne, and Montez Sweat could give a group of talented guys similar to what he had in Carolina. I feel this is pointless to say, but Young is a physical specimen. He’s bigger and faster than a lot of the guys at his position and Rivera will utilize Young’s talent. I predict Young will be the 2021 DROY and because I love everything about this pick, this one stays the same too.



PICK #3- DE-Troit goes DE-Fense, Drafts Okudah

Image result for jeff okudah

Ohio State guys back to back here, but who cares? Okudah is everything you want in a corner. He’s fast, he’s physical, and he has a tenacity for frustrating receivers. The Lions ranked dead last in interceptions in the 2019 season, and adding a player like Okudah to aid veteran Darius Slay will certainly help turn that around. I could see the Lion’s taking a defensive tackle here as well, but Okudah would be the best player on the board for me at #3. Matthew Stafford’s age has to play a part in their plans, so I would not be shocked to see a quarterback go here either, but if the Lions believe Stafford is still their guy, then they need to improve their defense and stop putting him on the field so much.



PICK #4- Cam’s Last Ride, Hands Tua The Keys

Image result for tua tagovailoa

If Giants GM David Gettleman was smart, he would trade the 4th pick to the Carolina Panthers. Gettleman could get a load of future picks, and the Panthers can get their new franchise quarterback. Cam Newton won’t be involved in this trade and he will play out his contract in Carolina while Tua watches and gets healthy. This is perhaps the best situation Tua can fall into. New owners, a new coach, and a solid veteran in front of him to watch mean that I love this pick and I hope the Giants make a deal with Carolina for Tua’s sake.



PICK #5- Dolphins Settle For Herbert, But It’s A Pleasant Surprise

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A lot of people are going to see this as Miami taking whoever is left, but I think this could be a great fit. Herbert is an excellent athlete with a solid arm capable of making all of the NFL throws. He’s only 21, so he can sit behind Ryan Fitzpatrick for a year to gather his bearings. Physically, he’s the ideal quarterback and at 6’6 with a whole lot of speed, this makes him hard to pin down in the pocket. I would like to see Herbert land in Los Angeles, hopefully behind Tom Brady, but I see this as a win for both sides and a turning point in Miami.



PICK #6- With Brady at the Helm, Chargers Take Derrick Brown

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I do strongly believe that Tom Brady will take over the Los Angeles Chargers in 2020. This will give the Chargers a window to make a Super Bowl run and the best way to blow that window open is to have a hellacious defense. Derrick Brown could be the monster in the middle of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. Brown is a little undersized to be a defensive tackle, but at 6’2, 245 lbs, Anthony Lynn can use this as a strength instead of a weakness. His small frame could make offensive lineman lose him, allowing him to make plays in the backfield.



PICK #7- Giants Move Down, Get Best Player Available

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The Giant’s moving down will turn out to be a great move because Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons is an absolute stud. Simmons is the ideal size and has the ideal tangibles of an NFL Linebacker, and he adds a violent mindset and a knack for making plays on the ball carrier. Simmons is exactly what the Giants need to start turning their defense around and is the only player I think who has a chance of receiving the DROY award over Chase Young. This is a steal for the Giants and Gettleman will be praised for this pick, providing he makes the deal with Carolina.



PICK #8- Arizona Stays Put, Lands Jeudy for Kyler

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In this mock, the Cardinals stay put and it totally pays off. Jeudy will add to a growing list of weapons for Kyler Murray and make Kingsbury’s offense legit. I really like this pick, and I would love to see what Jeudy does with a dynamic QB like Kyler Murray. Jeudy is an exceptional athlete and everything you could want in a wideout. He’s fast, he has great body control and excellent hands. Jeudy will add some explosiveness and range to Kliff Kingsbury’s young offense, and he should absolutely be an early favorite to win OROY.

PICK #9- Jacksonville Puts A Forcefield Around Minshew/Foles

Image result for andrew thomas

While I would like to see the Jaguar’s draft a cornerback to replace Jalen Ramsey, I think the smart pick is Georgia’s Andrew Thomas. Thomas will immediately improve Jacksonville’s offensive line. It is imperative to keep average quarterbacks behind good offensive lines. If the Jaguars can protect Foles/Minshew, they have a chance of being competitive in the AFC South. Thomas is a great fit and I think he is one of the lowest-risk players in this year’s draft. Great move for Jacksonville but, it is as boring as it is smart.



PICK #10- Cleveland Still Takes Delpit, But Maybe It’s the Right Move?

Image result for Grant Delpit

This pick is the same as last time, but after watching the National Championship, I have warmed up to it. Delpit is a monster. He flies all over the field and lights up his opponents. It’s entirely possible that the Browns let Damarious Randall go in Free Agency and safety will likely be a need going into the draft. Reuniting Delpit with Greedy Williams will add to the chemistry in the Brown’s backfield and I like this move a whole lot. Delpit will be the newest star in the Brown’s locker room and will help them bounce back from a disappointing 2019 campaign that resulted in the team having a top 10 pick, again.


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