Austin Wilson’s 2020 Mock Draft 1.0

Austin Wilson’s 2020 Mock Draft 1.0


The NFL regular season is officially over and it is now time for the teams not in the playoffs to start thinking about next season. There is a plethora of outstanding talent coming into the league next year from colleges across the country. With new coaches and new front offices all around the league, the 2020 NFL Draft is sure to be exciting. Below is my first edition of my 2020 NFL Mock Draft. This will be subject to so many changes in the next 4 months, but I have to start somewhere.



Pick #1- Burrow Becomes a Lesser Tiger

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I hate this pick, and when it happens in April I will shed a tear for Burrow and his tragic condemnation to the dumpster fire known as the Cincinnati Bengals. Unfortunately, this is probably the pick I am most confident in. Burrow has had an amazing season at LSU and has a chance to win a NCAA Championship in 2 weeks. Compiling  5,208 yards and an astounding 55 touchdowns, Burrow has done more than enough to solidify his place as the #1 pick in 2020. Andy Dalton has had a decent run in Cincinnati, but he has failed to take them anywhere close to a Super Bowl and it is time for the team to move on. Chase Young is an incredible talent, but Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap have shown us it’s going to take more than an elite pass rusher to turn the Bengals around.



Pick #2- Rivera’s New Peppers

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I LOVE this pick. With Ron Rivera taking over as the Redskins’ new head coach, he will immediately begin to rebuild Washington’s defensive front. Rivera had an excellent pass rush in Carolina and it will not take him long to beef up his new front seven. With Burrow off the board, the Skins will grab up edge rusher Chase Young. Young was the X-factor in Ohio State’s dominant defensive line. With 16.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles, Young is primed for a dominant NFL Career. Uniting Rivera and Young will immediately improve Washington’s lackluster defense and begin the turnaround Redskins fans have been waiting for. In my humble opinion, Young will be the best defensive player the Redskins have drafted since Sean Taylor.



Pick #3- The Lions Make an Effort to Keep Stafford Upright

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The Detroit Lions probably would not have the third pick in 2020 if Matthew Stafford would have been able to stay healthy. I think Thomas is just too good to pass on for Matt Patricia and Lion’s front office. At 6’5 and 320 pounds, Thomas will anchor down Stafford’s offensive line and help create running lanes for Kerryon Johnson. I could also see the Lions taking a defensive player here, but at the moment I think they will take the best asset available and try to keep their QB1 off of the ground. This is also a team that could be in a position to trade down, maybe to a Carolina or a Los Angeles hungry for a quarterback?



Pick #4- Danny Dimes Gets His Odell Beckham 

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Giants GM David Gettleman has not been shy about wanting Jerry Jeudy, and I don’t blame him because I really like this pick. The Giants defense is atrocious, yes, but if they can get another play maker to help Daniel Jones reach that elite level, defense can be addressed later in the draft. Jeudy is a monster, with over 1300 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2018, he will come in and make an immediate impact in the Giant’s young offense. Whoever the Giants decide to hire as their new head coach needs to be on board with bringing in Jeudy and expediting the growth of Daniel Jones. I’m pretty confident in this pick and it will be nice to see a new superstar in The Big Apple.



Pick #5- Dolphins Tanked for Tua

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The Miami Dolphins didn’t tank their way to the 1st pick in 2020, but they did just bad enough to stay in the top 5 picks. It’s going to work out too, because with the 5th pick, Miami will take Tua Tagovailoa and finally begin their rebuild under Brian Flores, There is a number of excellent options at #5, but I cannot see the Dolphins passing on probably the most NFL ready quarterback in this year’s draft. Tua is the key to Miami becoming a factor in a NFC East division with the Bills and the Jets on the rise. Tua’s injury history is worrying, but I do not see it affecting the Dolphins’ choice to draft him significantly.



Pick #6- Chargers Draft Herbert, Send Phillip “Down Rivers”

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Phillip Rivers cannot be the starter in Los Angeles next year if the Chargers hope to capitalize on all of their roster talent. The Chargers don’t have a glaring need on defense, and if they resign Melvin Gordon, their offense will be fine too. The problem in Los Angeles is the quarterback and with the 6th pick in the 2020 draft, the team will try to solve that issue. Herbert is not the best quarterback in this year’s talent pool, but if he goes to L.A. , he will inherit a whole lot of talent to elevate his play. I do like this pick and I am ready to see a dynamic quarterback talent that fits today’s game in L.A.



Pick #7- New Coach, New Quarterback, New England

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I don’t see Cam Newton in Carolina next season, and Kyle Allen and Will Grier are just not going to cut it. I believe that Patriot’s OC Josh McDaniels will be the new head coach of the Panthers, and he will want his own quarterback to develop. Georgia’s Jake Fromm is an excellent value at #7 and he will fit right into McDaniel’s complex offensive system. Fromm has been great at Georgia, completing over 60% of his throws in all 3 years of his college career. I think he possesses the size and the skills to be a great NFL quarterback, and I believe he will be excellent in McDaniel’s new scheme in Carolina. The Panthers and their fans will hopefully embrace the change at quarterback and welcome Fromm to the Queen City with open arms.



Pick #8 – A Reunion of  CeeDee and Kyler

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The Cardinal’s offense was a pleasant surprise in 2019 due to the stellar play of Kyler Murray and the coaching of Kliff Kingsbury. Outside of Christian Kirk and Larry Fitzgerald, Murray does not have a whole lot of help on offense. Kenyan Drake was a nice player in the second half of the season, but I don’t know how much production he will be responsible for in the long term. The Cards also have David Johnson, but Coach Kingsbury does not seem to be too fond of utilizing his talents. In this draft, the Cards will bring in the successor to Larry Fitzgerald and draft CeeDee Lamb out of Oklahoma. Lamb was exceptional in his 2019 season with 62 receptions for 1.327 yards and 14 touchdowns. His explosiveness after the catch will give Kyler Murray a dominant weapon to throw to. The Cardinal’s defense is garbage, yes, but I really like this pick and I believe the Cardinals will make the move to bring in Kyler Murray’s old teammate.



Pick #9- From Jalen to Jeffrey in Jacksonville

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This to me just makes a whole lot of sense. The Jaguars have two quarterbacks who are decent enough for the time being, and Duval County seems to love them some Gardner Minshew, so I don’t see the Jags bringing in another quarterback. They have a glaring hole on defense after trading Jalen Ramsey to the Rams and I think Ohio State’s Jeffrey Okudah can be that guy. Okudah is one of the best coverage corners in college right now and I think his talents will fit right into Doug Marrone’s defensive scheme. There are a few other defensive backs that can fit the Jaguar’s needs at #9, but I like the demeanor and the tenacity that Okudah can bring to Jacksonville.



Pick # 10- Cleveland Takes Delpit, But It’s Probably The Wrong Move

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The Brown’s glaring need is offensive line to keep Baker Mayfield on his feet, not that that’s gonna stop him from giving the ball to the defense constantly, but at least Nick Chubb won’t have to create so many of his own running lanes. Browns GM John Dorsey has shown no signs of being able to put a team together with coherent logic, and while the Browns could use a safety, it should not be their top priority. I think Delpit will be good in Cleveland, I just think he would be a lot better on another team. I don’t hate this pick, I just know it’s not the move that I would make. But hey, I’m not an NFL GM….yet. Delpit is a great athlete with the potential to be a great player and he will definitely shore fill the void left by Jabrill Peppers in the Brown’s secondary, he just won’t have any control on how dirty Baker’s jersey is after every game.


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