Atlanta Braves Sign Dallas Keuchel

Atlanta Braves Sign Dallas Keuchel

The former Cy Young pitcher has found a new home in Atlanta. The Braves have signed Dallas Keuchel and while the details are not yet released it is safe to say Keuchel is not receiving the large contract that he wanted.

Keuchel was initially seeking a 5-year deal, but the 31-year-old pitcher quickly saw that teams were not willing to invest in him.

Keuchel spent his first seven seasons with the Houston Astros, and won the Cy Young award in 2015 as well as the World Series in 2017. He was a Gold Glove recipient from 2014-2018 and made the All-Star team in 2015 and 2017.

After sitting the first part of the season out, Keuchel eventually agreed to seek a one-year $18 million deal, but it’s possible even this deal was not worth it for the New York Yankees, who were the early front runners to sign him. Whatever deal was offered, the Yankees were unwilling to budge on it which led to Atlanta emerging as the front-runners.

Since he has not thrown in a professional league game this season it remains to be seen when Keuchel will be ready to start for the Atlanta Braves.

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