Are The Raiders Looking To Move On From Derek Carr

Are The Raiders Looking To Move On From Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders are just two years removed from a 12-3 season. That season was only derailed due to QB Derek Carr’s injury In week 15. They moved into the playoffs with a backup QB and got knocked off by Houston in the Wild Card Round.

Unfortunately, Derek Carr has not been the Derek Carr we knew before his injury. While his numbers have stayed consistent, his “on the field general” attribute has taken a hit. He’s not nearly the decision maker he was. He’s a solid near 4,000 yard, 20 touchdown passer year in and year out and while he’s not the perfect QB but he’s the perfect John Gruden guy.

They have the 4th overall pick in the draft. Not only that though they also have picks 24 and 27 in the first round. If there was any year to make a move, it would be this year.

This is where we insert the team meeting with both Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins later this week. These two are more than likely going to be the first two QB’s taken off the board in a month.

While every team does their due diligence on a potential player, Most teams tend to stay away from a position they don’t need help in on the first round. This leads me to believe that this is probably a ploy to make it seem like they are interested in a QB so someone will trade up with them.

Like I said above, they have three first round picks. If the guy they want is still on the board at 4 and it looks very slim that the next few teams will grab that guy, John Gruden seems like the type of guy to take that chance and trade down for more assets.

If you need convincing that Gruden is a risk taker, then just look at his willingness to trade Khalil Mack to Chicago.

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