Are The New England Patriots Pandering To Tom Brady?

Are The New England Patriots Pandering To Tom Brady?

The New England Patriots will soon be facing an issue at QB. No matter what you say to a Patriots fan, all they will tell you is “In Bill we trust”. It looks like it may be close to the time to stop trusting Bill.

Tom Brady sits at 40 years old playing at the most elite level we have ever seen someone of his age play. The Patriots have continued to make moves for the now. At some point they need to think about the future.

With the 31st Overall Pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Patriots chose a win now piece over a QB of the Future for the second time in 8 months.

After trading away the apparent heir to the throne in Jimmy Garopollo to the 49ers, the world expected an early round draft pick to make up for him. Meanwhile, they passed on Louisville standout QB Lamar Jackson, who was picked up one pick later.

Tom Brady won’t play forever. His wife is on him to finally get him to retire. At what point does he finally give up and retire? The Patriots have done everything to pander to Tom Brady and his needs.

Brady has turned around and talked openly about more money and a new contract. There has been nothing healthy about this offseason for the Pats. They are focusing on the now. Two or three years down the road, this team is going to sink quickly.

Tom will be gone. Bill will be gone. The team will be a shell of what it once was. What can the fans say at that point? There is no more “in Bill we trust”. It’s really time for these fans to start panicking about the future.

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