Are The Colts On The Way Up? Is Brissett The Franchise?

Are The Colts On The Way Up? Is Brissett The Franchise?

The Indianapolis Colts defeated divisional rival, Houston Texans on Sunday with a final score of 30-23 at home. Jacoby Brissett threw for 326 yards, 4 touchdowns, no interceptions along with 66.67% of his passes completed. Inside of the first 6 games of the season, Brissett has done pretty well with a total of 1388 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, only 3 interceptions with a 65% completion rate and up to this point has a passer rating of 101.0.

Jacoby Brissett up to this point, clearly has shown improvements and his stats are clearly showing that. The production he’s put out this season, is night and day compared to his first starting season for the Colts back in 2017. His completion percentage has jumped 7 percent, and just inside of 6 games he’s already passed for more touchdowns than he did in the entire 2017 season. The season is still young, but in my opinion the Colts have no reason at this point to look further at their QB situation. I think they got their guy. He can serve as a dual threat at some key moments if you need him to, but he can also produce from the pocket which is big for longevity. Brissett is the difference maker on this team. Another driving factor that could be motivating his play, is maybe a little chip on his shoulder. Remember, when Andrew Luck retired there were a lot of fans already calling this season a wrap. They were already looking forward to taking their next franchise QB in the next draft and moving past this season. Perhaps, this is the “Brady factor”?

The offensive line has showed all kinds of improvements, which was a big concern over the last few seasons. To this point, Brissett has only been sacked 7 times, hurried 20 times and hit 18 times out of the 57 times he’s been blitzed. Nowhere near the pace of the 2017 season, where Brissett was sacked for a total of 52 times alone throughout the season.

The Colts have compiled themselves a nice couple of wins the last two weeks. Holding the high-powered Chiefs to just 13 points and beating them on the road speaks volumes on what kind of team they can potentially be and just how resilient and mentally tough they are. Its hard to gauge just exactly where teams are right now, but its safe to say that the Colts have had a nice start despite a couple losses. Defeating the Texans was a really big divisional win, and moving forward they are in position to take complete control of the division if they keep up the play.

The Colts proved they can compete with some of the best teams on the road or at home. This could be a team that makes a deep run through the playoffs. I’m not convinced that this is a team that can knock New England out of the picture, but all this can change with consistent play. Again, the season is still relatively young and many factors will come to play midway through and down the stretch. Could it be injuries? Could it be a divided locker room? Could it be a couple of bad losses? Who knows? But as of right now, Colts fans should be looking up.

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