Antonio Brown – What Happened Bro?

Antonio Brown – What Happened Bro?

An excerpt from the author:

“I endure the hardship of Bi-Polar Disorder, R.E.M. Behavioral Sleep Disorder, and Anxiety. The intent isn’t to ‘be right,’ but to spark a conversation that needs to be had. I speak from my standpoint, and that standpoint is my own. Right, or wrong, my only hope is to open some eyes. Open them to the idea that the possibility of a mental illness playing a factor in the downfall of Antonio Brown does exist.

I remember this interview being my first ever experience with Antonio Brown. Listening to his story of growth and overcoming adversities settled with me. As a result, I gained a newfound respect for him. Not just for his talent, but for his story. His strength in forgiving his mother eased my own personal resentment towards one of my own biological parents. He continued stating how grateful he was for being homeless. That his faith in his Higher Power brought upon peace knowing it all happened for a reason.

So, let’s fast forward to this video, which was released just days ago. According to the video, this incident took place in April of 2018. Antonio was said to have been in a “huge fit of rage” that particular day. As the next year and a half would go on, he’d only find himself becoming a poison to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, and the NFL as a whole. Let’s sum up 2019 shall we?

It all started in the summer. Let’s do a quick count, shall we?

  • In July, Antonio Brown was placed onto a non-football injury list due to cryotherapy injuries.
  • In August he missed training camp practices due to helmet grievances.
  • September 4th he posted the fines he received on social media, then had a confrontation with GM Mike Mayock.
  • On September 7th he was released after a post on Instagram asking to be released.
  • September 9th he signed with the Patriots.
  • On September 10th a former trainer would accuse him of sexual assault.
  • September 16th Sports Illustrated had an article reporting a second incident involving sexual misconduct.
  • On September 20th he sends a threatening text message to second accuser – later that day he was released by the Patriots.

It is now September 26th. Antonio Brown recently went to Twitter to express his displeasure in the NFL, particular people/players, and made it clear it wasn’t his fault. He has shifted the entire series of events to the outward world, denying any responsibility from within.

Daily Snark/Twitter

In this YouTube Video, Dr. Robert A. Stern does a marvelous job explaining some of the symptoms of CTE. After watching, Antonio has certainly exhibited many of them. Though the science currently says these symptoms may not develop until the athletic career is over, there is still much we haven’t discovered. Perhaps Antonio Brown is merely suffering from symptoms of an early onset of CTE?

Now, Antonio Brown, I say this directly to you: please consider the possibility that your brain may not be the same as it was a few years ago. After the hits you’ve taken, the possibility of you now living with a permanent mental illness could exist. Know that this would not make you weak – rather you accepting this as reality, and doing what you can to get help – would only make you stronger. It could also help, and save, many other lives down the road.

Throughout the last twelve years I’ve had to bury three best friends due to suicide, and a girlfriend due to an overdose of prescription drugs. Antonio, you have friends and family that care and love you dearly. You are one of the most talented receivers the NFL has seen. If you don’t allow a neurologist to at least look at your brain, you could possibly find yourself further down that rabbit hole. I can share from experience, if you get too far it’s almost impossible to come back.

Evidence may not be concrete just yet, but it is obvious that over the course of his NFL Career Antonio Brown has had a mental shift in his thinking. What has caused it is unknown. But, based off who he portrayed himself as in the beginning, and where he is now, it’s obvious something happened. But what is it?

Mental Illness is a real thing. Unless we can begin changing the conversation, nothing will ever change.

Did you know male’s make up 79% of suicides, even though females are more likely to have suicidal thoughts? Did you know, over a statistical year, a person somewhere in the world dies from suicide every 40 seconds? Did you know in the United States alone a person dies dies every 12 minutes because of suicide?

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