Andy Ruiz Jr. Vs. Anthony Joshua II Complete Event Breakdown

Andy Ruiz Jr. Vs. Anthony Joshua II Complete Event Breakdown

The Event took place in Saudi Arabia titled “Clash on the Dunes” on December 7th 2019 live on the DAZN network. Here I will give you a complete breakdown of how the entire event unfolded from the very first fight to the main event we all anticipated.

Mahammadrasul Majidov def. Tom Little via TKO in round 2.

Round 1. Majidov started off very well pressing the action by coming forward. Landed really nice hooks to the body while also going up top with some really nice shots. Little had some success in some counters but not enough to stay off his heels.

Round 2. Majidov comes out strong yet again and scores a early knockdown with a vicious right hand. After Little makes it back to his feet, Majidov takes complete advantage by delivering a barrage of shots and ends the fight with a referee stoppage. Good stoppage by the Ref.

Majidov earns his second professional victory and second TKO in his professional career.

Filip Hrgovic retains WBC International Heavyweight Championship by def. Eric Molina via 3rd round TKO

Round 1.) Hrgovic starts off the fight coming forward. Hrgovic clearly has the size advantage. Hrgovic had Molina against the ropes, hit him with a hook to the body resulting in Molina hitting the canvas. The Ref did not call it as a knockdown. Terrible call.

Round 2.) Hrgovic again lands a quick knockdown, but yet again is not called. Maybe the Ref. is seeing a different fight? Later in the Round Molina gets dropped yet again with a body shot but goes down on his own. Molina clearly had a difficult time with body shots.

Round 3.) Hrgovic scores a 3rd round TKO after yet again hurting Molina with body shots and as Molina dipped his head forward, Hrgovic hit him on with a right to the head.

There was some controversy as far as where Hrgovic was hitting Molina. Molina was complaining all fight about being hit in the back of the head. In boxing, if you get hurt, you are not supposed to dip your head forward. The hits he sustained to the back of the head were legal because there was nowhere else to hit. Good call by the ref for realizing that, even though i thought the knockdowns should’ve been called knockdowns. Overall, Hrgovic completely dominated the fight on his way to his 8th KO victory.

Hopey Price def. Swedi Mohamed via 3rd round TKO

Round 1.) Very fast paced action and very good quick start for Price landing some great combinations. One of which was so snappy that it took the mouth piece right out of Mohamed’s mouth. Price wins the first.

Round 2.) Same pace but Mohamed is really struggling. Price has a significant range advantage. Nice wide stance, combined with the ability of zipping in punches with no answer from Mohamed.

Round 3.) Hopey Price at this point is clearly outclassing Mohamed. Mohamed had no answers for Price’s offense and was taking a lot damage. Good Stoppage by the ref even though it was only a 4 round fight.

19 year old Hopey Price earns his second victory of his professional career moving to 2-0. Great start to his Career.

Dillian Whyte def. Mariusz Wach via Decision

Round 1.) Wach surprisingly came forward to start the fight rather than be the outside fighter. Both fighters are struggling to find a rhythm. Nothing significant landed.

Round 2.) Whyte starts the round with two really nice hooks to the head and body. Wach continues to come forward, but Whyte is responding to the pressure well with counter punches.

Round 3.) Both fighters are really digging at the body, Wach still the forward fighter. To this point, I’m surprised Whyte isn’t coming forward more. Clearly, Whyte’s shape is limiting his ability to push the action.

Round 4.) Much of the same things happened in this round as the previous three. Whyte’s game plan is to counter punch. Up to this point he has out landed Wach.

Round 5.) Both fighters not showing much movement now, really just standing and trading. Pretty good action throughout. Wach is started to gain a bit of momentum toward the end of the end of the round. Good ending to the round for Wach

Round 6.) Good combinations landed by Whyte to start the round but Wach doesn’t seem to be too phased as he himself is landing his own nice shots. Another good round of action, with yet another strong ending for Wach. Wach is looking better down the stretch.

Round 7.) More phone booth boxing here in the 7th. Whtye landing a really nice jab followed by some rights. Whyte was more active in this round. Nothing to this point has been significant.

Round 8.) Whyte is looking really fluid now, really getting into a groove with more speed. Whyte is now pretty far ahead on the score card.

Round 9.) pretty up and down fight, especially for Whyte. Wach landed some really nice power shots while Whyte was more active. Which has pretty much been the story so far.

Round 10.) A strong ending for both fighters, with Whyte yet again outscoring Wach.

This isn’t a fight that Dillian Whyte should hang his hat on. He struggled and at times looked downright sloppy. With that being said, he came into the fight out of shape and on short notice so considering his circumstances it was impressive for him to go 10 rounds against a pretty tough fighter. In the end, Dillian Whyte i believe is still one of the top heavyweights in the world, but he needs stronger performances than this if he wants anymore big title fights.

Alexander Povetkin Vs Michael Hunter Ends With A Draw

Round 1.) Hunter drops Povetkin very early in the round with an explosive start to the round. Povetkin responded nicely as he weathered the early storm from hunter. Both fighters threw bombs throughout the round.

Round 2.) Hunter Comes out in the second round yet again briefly hurting Povetkin with another right hand. Povetkin hit Hunter with a stiff right hand of his own toward the end of the 2nd. Good Round.

Round 3.) Great action up to this point. I didn’t see a clear advantage for either fighter. But up to this point, Michael Hunter has significantly out landed Povetkin. Score cards say Povetkin won 2 and 3.

Round 4.) Another good round for both fighters. Povetkin is up 3 rounds to one despite Hunters fast start. Povetkin is displaying his experience.

Round 5.) Povetkin is in the drivers seat of this fight now. Hunter got hurt on a couple occasions. Midway through, Povetkin hit Hunter with a beautiful left hurting Hunter badly. The only thing that prevented a knockdown was the ropes. Which really should have been counted as a knockdown.

Round 6.) A good rebound round for Hunter as he comes back with some power jabs enabling him to land some successful shots. This was Hunters strongest round since the first round. Povetkin still clearly in the drivers seat.

Round 7.) Povetkin is applying very nice pressure on the younger fighter. Toward the end of the round each of the fighters were staggering after a pretty explosive exchange. A good round for Hunter as he was more active with the jab.

Round 8.) Another successful round for Hunter. Hunter was the more technical fighter in this round. Really landing a good jab throughout combined with few good power shots.

Round 9.) Hunter is really hurting Povetkin with the body shots. But Povetkin is still getting the better of exchanges.

Round 10.) Povetkin wins the round on points. Nothing too significant, but Michael Hunter needs to get more active otherwise he risks losing this fight all together.

Round 11.) Michael Hunter with an explosive round. Hitting Povetkin with some very strong right hands, hurting him badly but Povetkin was able to weather yet another storm and escape the round.

Round 12.) Both men were pretty gassed, but still some nice exchanges even though it was sloppy in the 12th. A lot of heart showed here. This fight is going to the scorecards.

Most of the time i hate draws, but if were scoring round by round I’m okay with a draw. Each fighter had about an equal amount of success throughout. This was a pretty good scrap overall and a good showing by Povetkin being 40 years old and still able to go 12 rounds with some youth. Much respect to both fighters. Povetkin showed his experience where at times Hunter showed his youth. This was a good Draw.

Diego Pacheco Starches Selemani Saidi with a first round KO

Round 1.) Pacheco landed some nice uppercuts and shots going over the top leading up to the eventual KO.

Diego was last seen on the under card of KSI and Logan Paul last month. A great showing of skills displayed here and showed lots of class in victory.

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua WBO, WBA, IBO, IBF Heavyweight titles

Round 1.) A great round for Anthony Joshua as he stuck to the outside and picked his shots. Showed great respect for Ruiz’s power. Ruiz had a cut after a very well placed right hand by Joshua.

Round 2.) Another good round for Joshua, sticking to the jab effectively. during a clinch exchange Ruiz returned the favor and cut Joshua’s right eye. Both men are now cut.

Round 3.) Anthony Joshua still able stick to jab and use it to keep Ruiz at bay. Ruiz to this point is struggling to find his distance and i believe the extra weight is hindering him in a sense, combined with the fact that Ruiz is not using the jab to get inside.

Round 4.) Joshua is sticking to the game plan, but this was a good round for Ruiz. Ruiz is now starting to close the distance and land some shots. Joshua needs to stay out of the close exchanges.

Round 5.) Similar to the other 4 rounds, Joshua is controlling the fight with his distance. Very stiff and damaging jabs being landed here. Great execution.

Round 6.) Ruiz needs to develop a different game plan. Simply stalking Joshua without trying to go inside with a jab is not going to work. I don’t know what Ruiz’s strategy is.

Round 7.) Through seven rounds, Ruiz has no answers for Joshua. Joshua is simply too quick throughout the fight so far. Im surprised Joshua has kept up the pace for this long. Impressive.

Round 8.) Ruiz had his best round here. Dirty boxing and going after the body. This should have been the game plan earlier as the shorter fighter. Ruiz is clearly losing this fight, he needs to come back in a big way.

Round 9.) Another great round of boxing for Joshua. He cannot get lazy though. He did absorb a couple big shots. He needs to stay out of the close exchanges and stick to the outside.

Round 10.) Joshua through 10 rounds is still executing incredibly well. This speaks volumes to his conditioning training. Incredible.

Round 11.) Every time Ruiz gets inside, Joshua clinches to negate Ruiz’s offense. Beautiful Defensive display. Anthony Joshua has one more round to regain the championship.

Round 12.) Anthony Joshua cruises his way through the 12th. He should win this fight by a landslide on points. Ruiz mustered just a couple of good moments throughout the whole fight. Very disappointing performance by Ruiz Jr.

Ruiz came into the fight 16lbs heavier while Anthony Joshua hit the gym, trimmed up and worked on conditioning. Joshua simply out boxed Ruiz throughout and it wasn’t even close. Anthony Joshua earned every single bit of this victory by completely outclassing and dominating this fight. Huge comeback for Joshua. There’s still big fights out there for Ruiz Jr. but he really needs to get back to work and get into shape. The story here: the man with quicker feet and slower hands, beat the slower feet with quicker hands.

Photo Credit: Pryce Wright/Game Changer Sports Network

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