All Elite Wrestling Video Game Revealed

All Elite Wrestling Video Game Revealed

Over the past year, there has been speculation about an All Elite Wrestling Video Game, and the Video Game is in the works now we have more answers to the rumors. On Tuesday, the company revealed the AEW Video Game is coming and it will be developed by Yukes. The release date for the game was not revealed.

Before working with AEW on their new video game, Yukes was the developer of WWE Games for almost 20 years. Yukes started with WWF SmackDown the final game Yukes worked on was WWE 2K19. On August 2019, 2K Sports announced that WWE was no longer using Yukes as the developer and will be moving to Visual Concepts.

With All Elite Wrestling making a video game, this is the first time since Impact Wrestling in 2009 that came out for PlayStation 2, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and Wii, that a wrestling company has made a video game for consoles in the United States outside of WWE.

Outside of the Video Game announcement, All Elite Wrestling announced a mobile game called All Elite Wrestling General Manager and another mobile game called All Elite Casino Double Or Nothing.

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

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