AEW Revolution: Pay-Per-View Info, Matches, Predictions

AEW Revolution: Pay-Per-View Info, Matches, Predictions

The first All Elite Wrestling pay per view of the decade is full of stacked matches that actually have stories we can invest in! (Looking at you WWE) All 3 AEW titles will be on the line, as well as a match with great potential in Hager vs. Dustin Rhodes, and we finally get to see Orange Cassidy wrestle a match! Here are my predictions for All Elite Wrestling’s Revolution!


-Date: Saturday, February 29th, 2020
-Start Time: 8:00 PM. EST | 5:00 PM PST
(Buy-In Pre-Show 7:30 PM EST | 4:30 PM PST)

-Location: Wintrust Arena, Chicago, IL
-PPV Info: Traditional PPV ($59.99) | B/R Live ($49.99) | Fite TV (Outside U.S) ($19.99)


PAC vs. Orange Cassidy

The AEW in-ring debut of Orange Cassidy is a pretty tall task with him taking on PAC. If the only exposure to Orange Cassidy is what you’ve seen on AEW Dynamite, then you may not know how skilled he really is. If you haven’t already, go look at some of his indie work becuase he can go no matter what Jim Cornette says. But he’s going up against ‘The Bastard’ PAC, who is already in a foul mood after losing a 30-Minute Iron Match against Kenny Omega on Dynamit last Wednesday. With that loss, PAC has a 2020 record of 1-2, and a career AEW record of 6-5-1, not the worst career record, but not what you’d expect from a talent like PAC. I expect Orange to get some offense in here so the AEW fans get to see what he can do, but ultimately I predict PAC will destroy ‘Freshly Squeezed’.
Prediction: PAC def. Orange Cassidy

Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager

Another in-ring debut for AEW will be that of Jake Hager. Since his AEW debut in October of 2019, Hager has been relegated to the muscle for AEW Champion Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. In the past coupe of weeks, Hager and Dustin Rhodes have had quite an intense rivalry which started when Hager broke the arm of Rhodes some months back. Dustin is back and he wants revenge. Hager’s first match in AEW has to be a win, right? I know we all probably want the feel good story of Dustin beating Hager, making the Inner Circle goon look weak, but Dustin has zero to gain from a win here. Hager, on the other hand has everything to lose from a loss. Hager has to win here, and even though we all love Rhodes, I feel it has to be a landslide victory.
(Also, could you imagine this match in WWE? First of all they wouldn’t be able to book this as well as AEW did, and secondly, it would probably be put on the pre-show for nobody to care about.)
Prediction: Jake Hager def. Dustin Rhodes

Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara

‘The Spanish God’ Sammy Guevara takes on Darby Allin who will be wrestling for the first time since the end of January. The Inner Circle has a busy day with Hager, Guevara and Le Champion having matches tonight, and I don’t see AEW being the kind of promotion to give an entire faction wins across the board, so I see Allin winning this match. Darby is an absolute star in AEW. When his music hits and he comes to the ring, crowds go nuts and for good reason. He’s a real character that people can relate to and people want to relate to. Where Hager needs a win in his match, I don’t think Sammy needs a win here because of how talented he is. Darby currently has a 1-3 record in 2020, and if AEW meant it when they said records will matter, then Darby will need to get a win here.
Prediction: Darby Allin def. Sammy Guevara

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Young Bucks vs. Kenny Omega & Adam ‘Hangman’ Page (c) 

Four members of The Elite will do battle when AEW World Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega and Adam Page take on their Elite brothers Matt and Nick Jackson. This match should be a show stealer with the men involved. The interesting part is the dynamic that has been developing between The Elite members here. Adam Page has slowly drifted away from The Elite since feeling left out by his Elite brothers. At one point it seemed like an almost certainty that Page would leave The Elite, but Kenny was able to prevent that.

The 4 have had pretty interesting promos in the past few weeks, with Kenny seeming to be caught in the middle, while Page just wants to keep his title, and the Young Bucks making snide comments like “I can’t believe you won the titles before us”. I seriously expect something big here, I don’t think Kenny will turn on The Elite, but I definitely think Page will turn heel, but I truly don’t know how it’ll happen. Do you take the titles off of Omega and Page so early? I say yes. Let Page turn, give Matt and Nick the titles, and we can set up an insane Page vs. Omega match at Double or Nothing 2020.
Prediction: Young Bucks def. Omega & Page

AEW Women’s World Championship Match
Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose (c)

Putting the AEW Women’s title on Riho was a solid idea. Not so much because of Riho, because her title reign was garbage, but because it didn’t put it on Nyla right away. Rose has came so far in her career since the title’s inception on the premiere episode of Dynamite. Her in-ring work is far better and even her promos are more believable. Rose is being built up as a fierce competitor that is going to dominate the AEW women’s division, which is definitely lacking. Statlander has only been wrestling for about 3 years, which is insane to think about because she is definitely talented in the ring. I just don’t see Rose losing the title after just having won it weeks ago. I expect a solid, hard hitting match, but Rose should win this one.
Prediction: Nyla Rose def. Kris Statlander

AEW World Championship Match
Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho (c) 

Jericho and Mox have been invovled in a great feud thus far. Moxley is a superstar and Jericho is a veteran that can still work extremely well in the ring. Goldberg is the Universal Champion at 50 and can’t even give a solid Jackhammer anymore. Jericho is 49 years old but can still put on great matches, that is the difference. This match will be excellent, with both wrestlers having great chemistry dating back to their WWE days. Putting the title on Jericho was the right move, but I’m not so sure that taking it off of him is the right move right now. AEW just signed Lance Archer, and I for one think Archer and Moxley would put on an amazing match, so maybe we can see Archer cost Moxley his match? Either way, I don’t think taking the title off of Jericho is the right move…yet. But the next PPV? That’s a different story.
Prediction: Chris Jericho def. Jon Moxley

Cody (w/Arn Anderson) vs. MJF (w/Wardlow)

Sorry if I keep making the WWE comparrisons, but the whole Goldberg-Fiend thing really has me hot. There’s no word on if this match will headline the show or not, but we all know it could be the main event and people would love it. WWE could never book a non-title match so good that it would be the main event on a huge pay-per-view and people would be totally fine with it. This match has been built to perfection. The heel turn, MJF making Cody complete tasks to get the match, and that amazing Cody vs. Wardlow cage match. Even the 10 lashes was great, and I thought it was going to flop horribly.

From start to finish this has been great, and I imagine the match will continue that greatness. Cody can’t challenge for the AEW Championship anymore, and MJF is definitely the future star of this company. I just don’t see the reasoning in giving Cody a win here, besides the feel good story angle. MJF coming out on top would give him a huge win that he could build off of. I mean look at what he’s done with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Imagine him beating Cody? We’d never hear the end of it and we would love every second of it. I think MJF should win here and go on to become (or continue being) the biggest heel in wrestling.
Prediction: MJF def. Cody

All Elite Wrestling has yet to put on a bad PPV and I don’t see that stopping now. A stacked card with great wrestlers in a great wrestling city. The crowd will be hot, the wrestlers will be pumped, and I expect some pretty big stuff to happen like Arn turning on Cody, or the Dark Order Exalted One making his appearance. Either way, be sure to buy the PPV and enjoy AEW: Revolution!

All photos courtesy of All Elite Wrestling

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