AEW: Rampage Review 8-13-21

AEW: Rampage Review 8-13-21

The first ever AEW Rampage was a historic prospect because over a year and a half ago there was not even one AEW show. Now there are two AEW main shows and it feels so good. It is a great time to be a wrestling fan and this show makes it more evident. Side note the new commentary team for Rampage seems to be Chris Jericho, Excalibur, Mark Henry and Taz. All of whom have great chemistry

An hour of nonstop wrestling kicked off with the Impact world champion Kenny Omega, defending his title against Christian Cage. The smartest thing AEW could have done was to kick off their new show with a title change and that is exactly what they did. What a first ever match for Rampage. Christian Cage made history by becoming world champion. Yes he has been world champion before in WWE but never in a serious manner. Christian has a chance to cement his Hall of Fame legacy with a solid championship run.

As for the match itself, it was two pros pros going at it. The match started off with the bird from Christian, which somehow got past the censors. Cage took a beating for most of the match until he hit a major tiger powerbomb from the top rope. The energy for the near falls was electric from the Pittsburgh crowd. Cage had an excellent sell on the kick out after the knee, barely getting his arm up. Cage looked absolutely gassed but he pulled through after hitting the “killswitch” on the chair that was given to Omega via the Young Bucks. This definitely confirms that Cage is not winning the AEW World championship at All out in three weeks. However, the seeds of doubt being planted in Omega’s mind are a nice touch. The first match in Rampage history gets 5/5 stars.

The second match in Rampage history was a classic underdog story. Fuego Del Sol faced the TNT Champion Miro for a full time AEW contract. Sol had a nice flurry of tornado DDTs to start but that was all his offense. Despite the loss Sol still got his contract. Sammy Guevara gifted it to him via Tony Khan followed by a big hug. Officially Fuego Del Sol is all elite. What made this whole match worth it was the wholesome moment afterwards. This whole affair gets 3/5 stars. It is important to note that after the match Darby Allin and Sting were seen seated in the rafters.

The main event Britt Baker D.M.D Vs Red Velvet was a showcase, which women’s wrestling deserves. AEW went against wrestling convention in this match. Baker is the hometown hero in this instance and she retained her AEW women’s championship. She was too dominate in this match, which brought down the quality a little. Baker has a new compadre in Jamie Hader as she helped her in a post match beatdown. If it was not for the lack of offense, Baker VS Velvet could of had five star potential. Instead the main event gets 3/5 stars.

A new era in AEW was born and the overall future for AEW is bright. The soon arrival of Bryan Danielson and CM Punk all but confirm that. What a time to be a fan of professional wrestling. The debut episode of AEW Rampage gets 3.7/5 stars.

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