AEW: Fyter Fest Review

AEW: Fyter Fest Review

The second show under the All Elite Wrestling Banner came to us live from Daytona Beach, Florida. How will AEW do after Double or Nothing? Let’s find out right now!

The way I give my grades is essentially akin to MyCareer in NBA 2K, where every match starts with a “C” grade, and I build from there. I will be giving my opinion on the main show card, but first let’s recap what happened on “The Buy-In”

“The Buy-In”

The first match of The Buy-In saw The Best Friends go up against Private Party and SoCal Uncensored, where the winner would advance to All-Out for a chance at a first round bye in the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament. The Best Friends won after a Storm Zero on Private Party’s Isiah Kassidy.

Allie went up against Leva Bates before her upcoming match against Brandi. Allie won after Peter Avalon attempted to throw a book at Allie, who caught it, threw it in Leva Bates face, and hit her with a BSE.

And in the final match of the Buy-In, Michael Nakazawa battled Alex Jebailey in a hardcore match. Nakazawa defeated Jebailey after…I honestly have no idea what happened. This reminded me so much of DDT Pro Wrestling.

Match 1 – Christopher Daniels vs. Cima

B/R Live

I think this was a great match to start this PPV off. The history between these two guys has been talked about throughout Being The Elite, and I have to say, Christopher Daniels can still really go. The guy is 49 years-old and he’s still coming up with great moments in matches. Cima will go on to face Kenny Omega at Fight for the Fallen and I expect that match to be hard hitting, innovative and just all around excellent.

Cima defeated Christopher Daniels

Grade: B+

Match 2 – Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho vs. Nyla Rose

B/R Live

Oh. My. God. What a match this was from the jump! Nyla Rose looked like the unstoppable force (not you Nia Jax) that she needs to be! Shout out to Yuka and Riho for making her look incredible here because she really shined. Not only her strength, but the quickness from a wrestler of that size was just awesome. I don’t want to keep talking about Rose, because as I said Yuka and Riho put on a great display of athleticism as well, but this was a break out match for Nyla Rose, who could be the biggest female star AEW has. She lost absolutely nothing in defeat, and the post match beat down will help solidify her even more.

Riho defeated Nyla Rose and Yuka Sakazaki

Grade: A

Match 3 – MJF vs. Jungle Boy (w/Luchasaurus) vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Hangman Page

B/R Live

I’m sorry…you said MJF is the best heel in wrestling? This guy stood in the ring, and told the entire crowd their mother’s swallow. He stood there, and said “I loved video games….and then I lost my virginity”. THIS GUY IS MONEY! This was the match I was most looking forward to. I love all of the competitors involved, and when I see Bryce Remsburg is reffing a match, I immediately get happy. This wasn’t a bad match by any means, but I guess I just expected more. Jungle Boy looked incredible but I would’ve liked to see a little more out of Jimmy Havok. By the post match stare down, I think I see MJF costing Page his title match against Jericho at All-Out for the AEW Championship.

Hangman Page defeated Jimmy Havok, MJF, and Jungle Boy

Grade: B

Side note: About two months before Double or Nothing, I went to a set of Ring of Honor tapings here in Vegas with my cousin, and I saw Luchasaurus for the first time. Once the ring announcer said “He is half Luchador, half Dinosaur” I told my cousin that he is my new favorite wrestler outside of WWE. Has ZERO to do with this match, but I feel I should make this known.

Match 4 – Cody vs. Darby Allin

B/R Live

I have to come clean. This was the first Darby Allin match I’ve ever seen. There…I said it. But with that being said, this kid is incredible. I’ve heard his name, obviously leading up to Fyter Fest but can’t really say I knew anything about him. But his work in the ring, looked so elegant and perfect that it made me a fan right away. Cody can get a good match out of anybody, but this was really great. The attack by Shawn Spears (former Tye Dillenger) was done well in my opinion. Have Spears hit Cody, say nothing, then leave. I will say though, that chair shot looked gnarly. I do miss chair shots to the head, not AT ALL what they cause, but just the visual. But the sight of that chair shot definitely made me gasp. A great match, and a great cliffhanger to leave on, but man that chair shot.

Match ended in a time limit draw

Grade: A

Match 5 – The Elite (Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) vs. The Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid

B/R Live

I’m very conflicted about this match. Not because of the action, the action was as great as one would come to expect from the wrestlers involved. But I don’t know why, I just feel like this was just a match. This match has been built up for a very long time now, and the problems with the Young Bucks and Lucha Bros have been well documented. This just felt like 6 guys doing spots that they thought would look cool. Again, I’m not complaining, I just kind of wanted more of an ending if that makes sense. Amazing action nonetheless, I cannot stress that enough,

The Elite defeated Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid

Grade: A-

Match 6 – Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janella Unsanctioned Match

B/R Live

Since it was announced, I saw this match as a way for AEW to re-introduce Jon Moxley to the world. I didn’t expect a 5 star barn burner, or an amazing technical wrestling match. I expected two of the best hardcore wrestlers to go out there and break stuff, and that’s what this was. It was great for what it was. One thing that I’ve always hated about the “Unsanctioned Match” gimmick, is how they say that AEW or WWE or whoever the promotion is wants nothing to do with the match so they won’t condone it….yet they have a company referee ref the match. That’s just me nitpicking for no reason. Either way, this was a solid debut match for Mox, and a great ending to a great night. I for one am definitely looking forward to Moxley vs. Omega

Jon Moxley defeated Joey Janella

Grade: A


All in all, this was a great night of wrestling. and a good follow up to Double or Nothing. Was it better than Double or Nothing? No way. But I don’t think it had to be. This was a show that proved to the world that AEW is here to stay. All-In wasn’t under the AEW flag, so I don’t really consider it their first show, but Double or Nothing was set to prove that All-In wasn’t a fluke. Fyter Fest was to prove that All Elite Wrestling is real, and All Elite Wrestling is here to stay.

Final Grade: A

Match of the Night: Cody vs. Darby Allin

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