Meet The Team

Jake’s interest in sports started at a young age when he started playing football and baseball. From there, a love for sports was created. He played all the way up until his senior year of high school when a medical issue stopped him from playing. Back in 2016, with the help and support from friends and family, Jake and his friend decided to start a Facebook live show talking about all things sports. Their only stipulation was to keep the sports sports. From show number one, they made the decision not to discuss any political or controversial opinions. As time progressed and with the help of social media, Jake has built a team of about twenty members all contributing in one way or another. He has hosted several live shows, written more articles than he can count and has single handily driven his wife crazy with sports talk! In the last four years, not only has Jake expanded himself as a sports fan but he’s also grown within his own company as a business owner and mentor to everyone on his team.

“Game Changer Sports Network gives us the ability to bring different people from all backgrounds together who all share one common love; sports.” – Jake Jollymore

Christina grew up in a football and baseball loving household. There wasn’t a game that wasn’t airing on the tv while she grew up. As a child, she loved going to watch her grandfather coach her uncle’s local teenage baseball team. She would sit behind the dugout while the teammates explained everything as it happened for her. She went to every game faithfully and was noted as an honorary member of the team. In 2016, Christina pushed Jake into following his dream of making a football show. She would be behind the scenes supporting Jake through every episode. As time progressed, Christina began to hold an even more important role with GCSN. But regardless of her role, she has always been Jake’s number one supporter. Now she maintains the entire business aspect of GCSN as her and Jake grow this into something bigger than what they ever expected.

“Building something as exciting as GCSN creates a family within itself that you didn’t know you were missing.”- Christina Jollymore

It’s safe to say that Tim has been a fan of Hockey since just days after being born. The day his Mom brought him “home” from the hospital, she took him straight to the Hockey rink where his older brother, of 7 years, was playing in a tournament. Ever since then Tim was hooked! He often says that skating came more naturally to him than walking did. Growing up with an older brother who loved and played the game gave Tim the drive to be the best player he could be. Tim always went above and beyond, playing not only during the Hockey season, but year round. He fit right in with the older kids even giving some of them a run for their money. Tim played Hockey at a high level through high school but unfortunately suffered a career ending concussion his senior year. Since then, Tim has chosen to follow a more direct path with assistant coach to local junior teams in his area. Tim still struggled with the loss of something that had been such a prominent part of who he is. Luckily in 2017, Game Changer Sports Network came along and changed all of that. Tim is now able to pour all of his love and passion for hockey into his videos and articles, as well as his leadership role. Tim is proud to be able to say he has been here since the beginning and can’t wait to see what our future holds. Currently, Tim is one of the Executive Vice Presidents as well as the Chief of Operations for GCSN. As one of the longest running employees of GCSN, Tim leads by example to help the writers learn and grow.

“Growing up everyone told me ‘you’ll know what you’re born to do and work won’t seem like work’. I believe I have found that in the Game Changer Sports Network.” – Tim Oger

Matthew grew up in the small upstate New York town of Watkins Glen, where he was exposed at the ripe old age of two weeks old to the world of motorsports, when his parents took me to Watkins Glen International for the first time. Since then, he’s been an avid fan of the sport, attending numerous events at the facility. Matthew graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in History degree. Matthew joined the team back in June of 2018, and has been able to merged his love for motorsports and photography to become a credentialed media photographer for multiple outlets, including the Game Changer Sports Network. Being able to merge his passion for motorsports, love for photography, and excitement for writing is what really makes this all so rewarding for him. To Matthew, working for the Game Changer Sports Network gives him the outlet to take all of his knowledge about racing, writing and photography and apply them to create something fans can enjoy daily. Since starting with GCSN, Matthew has become a vital part of the day to day operations by maintaining structure among the writers as well as balancing both editing and graphic designing. Matthew is a jack of all trades for GCSN.

“If my images, articles and work reach one fan, and they enjoy what they are reading and seeing, then that in itself is a win every time!”- Matthew Boyce

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