Aaron Rodgers Signs a One Year Deal With Packers

Aaron Rodgers Signs a One Year Deal With Packers

The franchise of the Green Bay Packers is returning to the only franchise he has ever known. Aaron Rodgers is back. Rodgers has opted for a one year deal that would not tie the rest of his career to Green Bay allowing him to opt out for the 2023 season via Ian Rapoport.

Rodgers looking to defend his MVP crown from the 2020 season. Aaron Rodgers threw for 4300 passing yards, 48 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. However, the Packers fell just short to the eventual super bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-26 in the NFC Championship Game. The heartbreaking loss followed a decision not to go for it on 4th and goal to potentially tie the game and send it to overtime. After the final whistle, the uncertainty of Rodgers future, which started in 2020 began to grow.

Over this off-season Aaron Rodgers, has cited philosophical differences between him and the Packer front office. Specifically Packers General Manager, Brain Gutekist stating from the very start it is “not about the money,” Rodgers confirmed that when he turned down a contract to make him the highest paid quarterback in football.

This one year deal in solidifies his future in Green Bay down to three options. First option win Super Bowl LVI and remain a Packer for the rest of his career. Option number two leave the Packers next off-season. Lastly, retire from the NFL, which is least likely of the three options. Rodgers,37,has reached the end of the rope with the Green Bay Packers if either of the latter options were to occur. Rodgers has given his all to Green Bay and their fans. For the time being, he is going to continue to give more. Hopefully it is enough to get back to and win the Super Bowl for the sake of his legacy.

As great as Aaron Rodgers is, he and the teams around him continue to fail in the playoffs. Some of that blame, has to fall on the shoulders of Aaron Rodgers. However, this current team gives Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, as good a shot as any to accomplish their ultimate goal.


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