Call of Duty WLC Columbus 2018

Call of Duty WLC Columbus 2018


What a start to week seven of the Call of Duty World League championship. We witnessed some great action from eUnited’s comeback over the red hot Rise Nation, as well as Scump’s 41 kills as OpTic convincely rolled over MindFreak.

Tuesday evening repeated history, as eUnited came back from a 2-0 deficit to Rise Nation to come back and win 3-2. In the final match, Rise Nation had the momentum, they had three players left alive to one for eUnited. Prestinni takes on all three very aggressively, killing the first two with their backs turned and takes the third head on, and comes out with the win. eUnited has continued this success with the 3-1 victory over Unilad this afternoon.

We will see if Rise Nation can bounce back at 5PM EST vs Complexity. Tainted Minds fall to 0-9 and MindFreak fall to 2-6. Unfortunately these teams just haven’t been able to gain their traction and both will end up missing the playoffs for this tournament. Luminosity and Complexity are likely on their way out as well unless eUnited or Unilad have an unforeseen collapse.

OpTic’s matchup with MindFreak was a must win. After they started the tournament hot, they fell ice cold back in Week four against eUnited and Rise nation with a combined 1-6 record. OpTic will have to keep this momentum they have gained and keep it moving forward if they want any shot against RiseNation. Currently OpTic is tied 1-1 with Tainted Minds.

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