Triple H TakeOver Blackpool Q&A Recap

Triple H TakeOver Blackpool Q&A Recap

As accustomed to NXT and NXT UK TakeOvers, afterward we get to hear from the brainchild of the brands, Triple H. Here is what the WWE Executive Vice President of Talent had to say about the incredible night.

  • He first put over the Blackpool crowd, saying “they are a character within this show, the building itself has a personality and just a vibe to it that you just can’t manufacture and you can’t get anywhere else, which is what makes Blackpool so special, and makes NXT UK so special.” 
  • He also talked about the talent that competed tonight by saying that they all put on a great show from start to finish. He also said that talents on NXT and NXT UK have something to prove to the rest of the world, and tonight showed it, and at the end of the night looked at the world and said “ok…follow that”.
  • On Eddie Dennis, Triple H said; “Eddie Dennis is one of those performers where when you look at them on paper, it kinda looks like a regular guy, doesn’t wow you with his physique, tall and has great technique with what he does in the ring, but he brings a sadistic side to what he does that has an intangible quality.”
  • Speaking on the NXT UK Women’s Championship triple threat match, Triple H had high praises for NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray saying “I think Kay Lee Ray is one of those talents that, over time, people are just now beginning to realize she’s something special, but it’s going to take a longer-term build. I think in 6 months to a year from now people are speaking about Kay Lee Ray in the dominant tone that you’ve seen then speak about a Shayna Baszler in NXT, that you’ve seen them speak about an Asuka in NXT.”
  • Triple H also questioned what was next for Toni Storm now that she failed to recapture the title. “She’s thrown away friendships, she’s thrown away relationships, she’s thrown away a lot just to get into the spot she was in, and it didn’t work.” Pairing that up with what we saw on NXT last week, I think Toni Storm will make the move to the regular NXT show.
  • Speaking further on his tweet after the Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin match (below), Triple H talked about Devlin saying; “I’ve not been shy about singing the praises of what I believe in Jordan Devlin. I think he’s an incredible performer that is underrated by many. And I think he’s really just coming into his own and taking it to another level.
  • Triple H said Jordan Devlin and Tyler Bate are two of the best performers in the industry, yet neither have really reached their primes with Bate being just 22 years old.
  • Triple H was seen sitting in the crowd at the top balcony during the show. He said that it’s been years since he’s been able to sit in the crowd because he doesn’t want to be a distraction to the fans, but said the arena was “electric and hard to describe how it felt.”
  • On the NXT UK Tag Team Championship ladder match, he said that all performers walked away fine, they are a little banged up and will all know they were in that ladder match tomorrow, but it was an incredible performance.
  • On the entire NXT UK Tag division; “I mean, you just have to look at that one match, if you wanted to say what a tag team division is about, you look at that one match tonight, Imperium, Gallus, Mark and Flash, Grizzled Young Veterans…if that’s not a strong tag team division, I’ll put that up against anybody in the world.” 
  • Triple H also spoke on the new partnership with BT Sport, which will show NXT and NXT UK across the UK saying, everybody all throughout the UK and Europe gets to witness NXT UK, and he thinks it’ll be a launching pad to a whole new level.
  • When asked about Undisputed Era showing up, Triple H said; “When you say ‘NXT UK who made the biggest impact tonight’, Undisputed Era rolling into their house and dropped arguably the baddest group here, taking down the monster that is WALTER and leaving him laying at their feet saying ‘you want to go to Worlds Collide, you want to make a statement to the world, here’s a statement for you”. Triple H also hinted that this is definitely not that last we see of Imperium and Undisputed Era, saying “but if there’s one thing I could imagine, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a pissed off WALTER’s rebuttal to that”.
  • He also said that as excited as he was for TakeOver Blackpool, he cannot wait for Worlds Collide. On what tonight meant for the UK brand heading into Worlds Collide; “it meant there’s a war. The Undisputed Era are on the front line, but Imperium is coming. Worlds Collide will be an epic event”, highlighting Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley and Undisputed Era vs. Imperium.

Featured Photo: WWE

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