9 1/2 Games, That’s It?

9 1/2 Games, That’s It?

Well folks, here we are. The home stretch of the MLB season.

For some, the time after the All-Star break has been business as usual. While for others, it has been an absolute nightmare.

Then there are a few teams who we don’t know where they fall. This is about one of those teams.

Now, this is coming from a die hard Red Sox fan and it hurts me to say this but it needs to be said: STOP BASHING THE YANKEES. Yes, they have their issues. Yes, they face the improbable odds of climbing back into the number one spot in the American League East. In reality though, they aren’t doing as bad as you think.

Since the All-Star break, the Yankees have struggled to a 12-10 record, including a 4-game sweep by the Red Sox at Fenway Park. During this series, they accrued a 7.00 ERA and really did not look like themselves. They blew a lead in the first game of the series 4-0 and ended up losing 15-7.

As a team, outside of the Red Sox series, they have a 4.81 ERA and are surprisingly outscored opponents 115-106 through the past 22 games. They currently sit 9 1/2 games back from first place in the AL East and 4 1/2 games ahead in the Wild Card standings.

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Severino and Chapman really haven’t looked as stellar as we have been accustomed to seeing. In 7 closing appearances, Chapman has had 6 IP, 5 ER and 15 K. Which wouldn’t be terrible if it didn’t include a 7.50 ERA int that time frame and almost blowing a lead against the New York Mets.

Severino hasn’t looked much better either. He’s 1-3 in 4 starts and has posted an 8.02 ERA in that time with 23 strikeouts. This is nowhere near the pitcher we saw at the beginning of the year who was talked about as if he was going to win the Cy Young Award that day.

At least Giancarlo Stanton has been hitting the ball. In these 22 games, he has boasted a .297 BA, 21 strikeouts, and 6 HR. With Aaron Judge out of the Yankee line-up, he has really stepped up at the plate.

So why the sudden love for the Yankees, you ask?

To answer that, there is no love. I hope they lose out the rest of the year, but that’s the Red Sox fan talking. The baseball fan says they really aren’t struggling too bad. They have lost a lot of close games and won quite a few as well. They still have a few key pieces hurt including Aaron Judge. Once this team gets healthy, they could be an unstoppable force as the Wild Card team.

Keep in mind that the Red Sox, baring a September slump, will most likely be the top team in the American League. Which means that if the Yankees win their Wild Card game, it will set up a blood-bath ALDS between the two rivals. Lord knows the baseball world loves seeing these two teams square off in the post-season.

My hope is they get healthy, it’s not fair beating up on a broken Yankees team (although it warms my heart). I want my boys from Boston to know who they might be seeing early in the post-season. Only time will tell what these teams will bring us with 6 weeks of regular season baseball left.

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