5 takeaways from Monday Night Raw (5/14/18)

5 takeaways from Monday Night Raw (5/14/18)

With this episode of Monday Night Raw taking place in London, England; the spoilers came out before most of us got home from work. With this said, there is plenty to take away from this episode of Raw. Here are our Top 5!

#5) Money in the Bank card takes shape


With plenty more matches to come, and more participants in the respective Money in the Bank ladder matches to be decided, we still got some significant updates on the card itself; with Alexa Bliss, Bobby Roode and Kevin Owens advancing in their qualifying bouts. While these additions do create some intrigue, until a full card is made, its still too early to make any predictions as to possible winners.


The biggest addition to the card came earlier in the day, as Nia Jax challenged Ronda Rousey at the NBCUniversal Upfront. (Weird how a champion is challenging a contender, but thats for another article). Neither woman would appear on Monday Night Raw.

#4) The lifeless Raw Women’s Division


Man did the entire women’s division on Raw piss of the writing staff?

The women who actually appeared on Raw this week had little to no significant direction. The Bayley/Sasha saga got completely put on the shelf this week, as the most interaction they had was to say “good luck” to one another. As for the rest of the division, the only noticeable event was the triple threat qualifying match. Which saw Alexa Bilss earn a spot in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match; the match itself being solid, but nothing great.

Neither Rousey nor Jax were on the show, and if nothing else, this shows us what the women’s division can look like with an absentee champion. The fear is of course the “Lesnar Treatment”, with Rousey holding the title hostage.

Is this in the divisions’ future?

#3) Raw Tag Division is the…B Team… compared to Smackdown Live

While Smackdown Live hasn’t aired yet, we can guarantee one thing – the Tag Team division over on the blue brand is much more entertaining than Raw’s.

b team

On this weeks episode of Raw, we were treated to two tag bouts, one featuring the Tag Champs, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, against The Revival. The second, featured the newly named “B-Team” of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallals, taking on the Fashion Police. Just as you would might expect, the matches were a bleak affair at best. At this time, the only team that generates any interest are the Authors of Pain, who were nowhere to be found Monday. With that, almost every other team feel like jobber teams.


The team of Hardy and Wyatt, while amazing on paper, are for some reason not translating well on TV. The Deleters of Worlds seem almost handcuffed, as their “Woken” antics seemed to have become more watered down week by week.

Simply put, when the most entertaining thing about your division is the jobber team of Axel and Dallas calling themselves “The B-Team” and celebrating their first win as a tag team in WWE, you know you’re in trouble.

#2) #BrockWho?

The Intercontinental Champion posed this very question just the other day on Twitter. With Seth Rollins wanting to make the I.C. title “THE” title on Monday Night Raw, lieu of an absent Universal Champion on weekly television. The Kingslayer looks to have showstoppers in every match he has, and without question, he succeeds.

seth 1

This Monday saw Rollins and Owens battle it out for the title in what was a very good back and forth match, which saw the Architect win via pinfall, after a vicious stomp. The bout proved to be the best match of the night, easily.

It’s almost hard to remember the last time Rollins had a “bad singles match” on Raw or ever for that matter. With every one of his singles matches feeling like pay-per-view quality bouts; he even got a decent match out of Mojo Rawley the week before.

seth 2.jpg

Any fears that the Intercontinental Title’s stock would drop without The Miz around have been put firmly to rest. With Brock Lesnar’s spotty schedule, (and seemingly not anywhere close to dropping the big red belt anytime soon), one should expect Rollins’ momentum will continue and ensure him a spotlight on every Raw.

#1) Roman Regins is an Underdog; whether you like it or not.

Man oh man, we’re still doing this story line…

While a conversation on Roman Regins and his push deserves its own article entirely, the events of this past Monday deserve a mention. As they play into the bigger issue with the Regins character.


Roman Regins, even two full years after defeating Triple H at WM 32, is still playing the victim of the oppressive authority. He states that he doesn’t have a title shot against Lesnar, (which would be his 3rd title match this year), because someone is “screwing him” and “holding him back”.

Even the most avid fan of The Big Dog would have to agree, this story line is BEYOND a stretch. Portraying Regins as a guy who can’t catch a break just doesn’t make sense. He’s a: GrandSlam Champion, Royal Rumble winner, has been in the main event of WrestleMania 4 times in a row now; plus he’s beaten (nearly) every major superstar on the main roster – including The Undertaker at Mania last year! Quite frankly, Regins is running out of people to beat.

However WWE doesn’t hide this, in fact, they broadcast it. How can someone be: held back, an underdog, and the baddest guy in the yard?…It just doesn’t make sense.

With all this said, make no mistake – Roman Regins is a great wrestler; and has his moments of brilliance and sparse showings of his badass side. However, the constant recycled “Regins is being kept down by management” story has without a doubt overstayed it’s welcome.


On a side note, once Regins finally beats Lesnar, what is the next step? Its safe to say WWE probably doesn’t know either. Regardless, WWE will continuously push this narrative until the audience turns around, or they simply give up booing.

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