5 Predictions for WWE Super ShowDown 2020

5 Predictions for WWE Super ShowDown 2020

This Thursday, WWE will broadcast Super ShowDown live from the Mohammed Abdu Arena in Saudi Arabia. This will be WWE’s 5th event since signing it’s 10-year partnership with the General Sports Authority, in support of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 social and economic reform program.

Since their first event, The Greatest Royal Rumble, in 2018; WWE’s visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have always been met with controversy, whether it was before they arrived or while trying to leave. Regardless, WWE continues to honor its contract and, as always, pulls out a mid to high level Pay-Per-View card (on paper) every time.

How will it play out? Will anything affect the road to WrestleMania? (Which still has a stop at Elimination Chamber by the way…) Let’s take a look at our 5 Predictions for WWE Super ShowDown!

1) The Street Profits become RAW Tag Team Champs

There needs to be at least one title change in Saudi Arabia, and The Street Profits beating Rollins and Murphy just seems to make sense. While the Street Profits haven’t done much in terms of in-ring competition since getting drafted to Monday Night RAW in October, they have stayed relevant nonetheless.


Whether it’s through genuinely hilarious comedic segments, or fun bouts with the likes of the OC and others, Dawkins and Ford have kept themselves fresh and at the ready for a title push. Up to this point, The Street Profits’ biggest obstacle to a tag team title reign was WWE’s push of the Viking Raiders. With them defeated by Rollins and Murphy, WWE now has the opportunity to give The Street Profits not only a big win, but one that will both elevate the team, as well as the titles themselves.

Rollins and Murphy don’t need the titles, so why not give it to a team that can do more with them?


2) Roman Empire Reigns supreme

Like all of you, we hoped that their Falls Count Anywhere match at the Royal Rumble would be the end of the King Corbin/Roman Reigns feud. Alas, here we are. This shouldn’t be a surprise though, WWE needs to fill out the card and Roman Reigns needs to be on it.


However, the critics over this feud’s continuation will most likely be happy after Thursday’s match up. The Steel Cage stipulation gives a sense of finality to the feud, as King Corbin will not be able to rely on his allies for help. Same goes for Reigns with the Usos. It’ll be mano-a-mano, and you can be assured the Big Dog will have his hand raised at the end of the match.

And come on, the man needs a Steel Cage victory in Saudi Arabia.


3) Bobby Lashley wins Tuwaiq Trophy

WWE’s tradition of introducing trophies that amount to absolutely nothing (with The Dusty Rhodes Classic being a exception) continues here at Super ShowDown. As WWE will hold a 6-man gauntlet match to determine the winner of the Tuwaiq Trophy.

The story of this match has only become more interesting in the last 24 hours, as the Bulgarian Brute Rusev was replaced by Rey Mysterio last night on Monday Night Raw. Keeping with the traditions again, Rusev is reportedly involved with intense talks with WWE, as his contract is set to expire sometime soon. Rusev has not signed a new contract, and from all reports has no intention to. It’s being said that WWE is using the loss of the Super ShowDown paycheck as a bargaining chip.


With all of the backstage turmoil aside, we do actually have a match here! And when you look at the field, you have to think Bobby Lashley is in best position to win. Think about it this way; Styles, Andrade (who will be making his return after his suspension), and Mysterio simply do not need it, and Rowan and Truth are not believable winners. This leaves Bobby Lashley, a man who’s biggest feud in the last year has been a love triangle storyline with Rusev and Lana… For the love of mankind (nod to Michael Cole) GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE!

While the trophy is probably worth less than the 24/7 Championship, the opportunity for Lashley to really showcase his talent is worth it. Even if Lashley stays restrained to the middle to upper midcard, WWE needs to start using Lashley effectively. This match presents an opportunity for WWE to move things in the right direction for him.


4) “The Fiend” defeats Goldberg…please 

This should be a simple choice…it really should be.


Since Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego – “The Fiend” – terrifyingly appeared our TV screens, the WWE Universe has absolutely re-fallen in love with the sadistic monster. His matches feel like big-time bouts, the storylines are layered while clear and concise, the Frierfly Fun House segments have the perfect mix of hilarity and horror. It hasn’t all been a smooth ride, but even the Hell in a Cell debacle with Seth Rollins was quickly forgotten. For the most part, “The Fiend” has been booked about as strong as you can ask for in the WWE…and then there’s Goldberg.

We only have love for Goldberg, but if his last bout in Saudi Arabia teaches us anything, maybe it’s best for the big man to not wrestle for a lengthy period of time, in a main event spot. Additionally, Goldberg’s claim to a Universal Championship match is weak, as he believes that he’s owed a rematch after losing the title to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in 2017…3 years ago.


But more than any of that, the biggest problem Goldberg presents is the lapse in logic when it comes to facing “The Fiend”. If Goldberg had challenged Bray Wyatt for the title, it would have made more sense. Goldberg can go after Wyatt, and “The Fiend” could “save” Wyatt from the imposing doom of Goldberg during or after the match at SSD. Similar to Wyatt’s match with The Miz at TLC.

It made sense that “The Fiend” didn’t go after The Miz, because “The Fiend” only goes after those who have wronged Bray Wyatt in the past. Goldberg has never crossed with Bray Wyatt before this feud, so why is “The Fiend” automatically in play? Well one theory that has caught fire is scarier than “The Fiend” itself.

Goldberg beating “The Fiend”, setting up a match between him and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.


While it seems inconsivable that WWE would actually consider having Wyatt drop the title to a 53 year old mostly-retired wrestler, one must remember that WWE loves shock value and ratings. A Goldberg win will certainly see a bump, something WWE would love leading into WrestleMania. A win over “The Fiend” instantly makes Goldberg the biggest and the baddest man in WWE again, and most likely the most hated.

Which works perfectly for WWE. Why you ask? Think about it, who better to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania than a heel that everyone genuinely hates. It won’t be because they love Roman Reigns, but WWE doesn’t care about that. For the first time ever, Roman will be in a Championship match at WrestleMania where the fans actually want him to win. Something WWE hasn’t been able to accomplish.


With all of this said, maybe I’m overthinking things. After all WWE knows what they have in “The Fiend” and the last thing they would want to do is derail him now. Currently, Wyatt is finally becoming the modern day Undertaker-esque character that he was always meant to be. While a Goldberg win would make people talk, it’s simply not worth the assassination of “The Fiend” character.

Plus we are very confident that Roman Reigns will be in the WWE Universal Championship picture no matter what.


5) Brock Lesnar DESTROYS Ricochet 

Please don’t take the heading as disrespect to Ricochet, the writing on the wall is just so clear. The match is set up as a tune up for Lesnar going into WrestleMania against Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre, a match that everyone is universally excited for.

The storyline here, beyond Ricochet earning the opportunity, is the fact that Ricochet is technically the one that cost Brock Lesnar a potential win during the Royal Rumble match. While McIntyre was clearly the man who eliminated Lesnar, Ricochet’s uppercut to the Lesnar’s family jewels is what set up the ferocious clamore kick that sent The Beast over the top rope.

Seriously though, why hasn’t Lesnar invested in a cup?!


In any case, as alluded to by Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman last night on Monday Night RAW, Lesnar will be looking for revenge on The One and Only.

“He owes you one” – Paul Heyman.

What can you expect? A lot of various throws, punches and spots where Ricochet looks like a ragdoll. We fully expect the former United States Champion to take a visit to “Suplex City” Thursday.

Cover photo: WhatCulture.com

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