4 Previews/ Rumors for Tonight’s Monday Night RAW! (7/30)

4 Previews/ Rumors for Tonight’s Monday Night RAW! (7/30)

Tonight’s Monday Night Raw has a chance to be special. We say “a chance” because we know that expectations and reality often do not collide. However, with SummerSlam just around the corner, WWE will likely pull out all the stops the next few weeks to try and get some serious hype behind The Biggest Party of the Summer. So with that, we’ll stay optimistic! Let’s get into some things to look for on tonight’s Monday Night RAW!

1) Rumor Mill

According to multiple reports, WWE might announce tonight a change to one of its already confirmed matches. Most fingers are pointing to the Intercontinental Title bout which is currently scheduled as a one-on-one match with Seth Rollins going against champion Dolph Ziggler.

The rumors began after this tweet from WrestleVotes:


There are two current theories regarding what this might mean. One is that a stipulation could be added to the match, continuing the trend from their Iron-Man Match at Extreme Rules. Or that there will be more superstars added to the match itself. Namely: Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor and possibly Baron “Constable” Corbin.

Could a fatal five-way be in the works? It’s possible, as WWE may look to put as many people in the shortest amount of matches possible in an attempt to not add to what will most likely be a large card as it is.


Another rumor being tossed around is that of Bobby Lashley’s involvement in the Universal Title picture. Lashley defeated Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules in convincing fashion, only to lose to Reigns on Monday Night Raw last week – losing a title match against The Beast Incarnate at SummerSlam. With he and Reigns currently tied at 1 apiece, will Lashley attempt to insert himself into the Universal Title match in Brooklyn?

He does have a strong case, but only time will tell.


Hulk Hogan has also been spotted in Miami, Florida – where Monday Night RAW is being televised from. While he may be there for other personal reasons, it is being speculated that Hogan might appear on TV. This comes only weeks after Hogan was officially reinstated back into the WWE Hall of Fame after he was tossed out for saying racial slurs on a hidden camera. While he did make an apology to the locker room a few weeks ago, many are still uneasy about WWE fully welcoming the legend back.

What role would Hogan play on Monday Night Raw or in WWE in general? Some are speculating he would have an authority role, possibly ousting Kurt Angle as General Manager. However, this doesn’t seem too likely. Its also been suggested that he may play a role in the Lesnar/Reigns feud, giving the rub to Reigns in a promo.

2) The Tag Team Titles….what are we doing with them?


Currently, the Raw Tag Team titles are one of only two championships that are currently not scheduled for a match. With the US title being the other, most likely because SmackDown is tomorrow night.

With that, tonight we will see what, if any, plans WWE has for the titles going into SummerSlam. The most obvious and laziest would be just to give the Deletors of Worlds a rematch for the titles. However, WWE has given subtle signs of division from the WOKEN duo, and Matt Hardy keeps dropping lines like “a change is needed” in promos and social media. That, along with the fact that Jeff Hardy over on SmackDown is showing signs of his WOKEN past – could we see a reunion of the Hardy Boyz in the future?

With that said, where does this leave the Raw Tag champs Axel and Dallas? Simply put, their only legitimate option is to face A.O.P at SummerSlam, in a match that should really be nothing more than a glorified squash match.

Will WWE plant more seeds of descent in Hardy and Wyatt? Will the B-Team find new challengers? We’ll have to wait and see.

3) Ronda is back!


After over a month long suspension from Monday Night Raw, Ronda Rousey will make her return to the flagship show only weeks before her bout with Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

Rousey has been off TV since the night after her match with Nia Jax at Money in the Bank.

With Rousey back on TV, there is seemingly nowhere left for Bliss to run. However, our speculation is that WWE will have the Raw Women’s Champion getting the upper hand at the end of the night – spoiling Rousey’s return.

The reason? Because who doesn’t love some Alexa heel heat? It makes sense booking-wise, continuing to deny fans the chance to see Rousey fully get her hands on Bliss since she stole the title from Rousey’s grasp. When they eventually have their match at SummerSlam, the crowd will be molten hot for it.

4) The Beast Incarnate will show up! 


No, you aren’t dreaming and this isn’t WrestleMania. Brock Lesnar will be on Monday Night RAW LIVE tonight in front of what surely will be a fired up crowd in Miami. We haven’t seen the Beast on WWE in over four months, with his last title defense being held in Saudi Arabia at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

With that said, the story is still more or less the same – Roman Reigns wants to beat Brock Lesnar and prove he’s the biggest and baddest K-9 of them all.

With their match currently scheduled for SummerSlam, what can we look to expect from The Beast and his advocate Paul Heyman? No doubt we will get a promo from Heyman, reminding us of the sheer awesomeness of Brock Lesnar, which will hopefully be followed by a locker room clearing brawl between Lesnar and Reigns.


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