The Celtics were going into this game with a total of eight players. The 76ers also walked into yesterday’s game with eight players. The least amount of players allowed by NBA rules is eight. Interesting enough, a Miami player’s test came back inconclusive and due to contact tracing, the Heat would not have the required eight players.

While the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat game has been postponed tonight, the NBA has no plans to pause the season despite thinning rosters because of COVID-19 protocols in several places. At this point, the NBA should be strongly considering either a shut down or another bubble. The players would not be happy with another bubble though.

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One thought on “Boston Celtics and Miami Heat Game Postponed

  1. Francis S Estepan says:

    There is so much inconsistency in what determine games to be postponed… smh NBA needs to get better at it

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