The New England Patriots lost to the Tennessee Titans last night 20-13 in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs. This was the first time Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have even played on Wild Card weekend since 2009.

The game was cemented by Logan Ryan as he returned an interception for a touchdown with just nine seconds left in the clock. Ryan has dropped a potential pick six earlier in the game as well. The Patriots offense had no answer the the Titans defense.

Julian Edelman dropped one of the most important pass of his career in this game as well. The ball was directly in his hands and it just hit the ground. No contact. No turn. Nothing. He just dropped it.

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Derrick Henry accounted for 204 total yards while the rest of the Titans only had 91 yards. 182 of those yards came in the ground. He was the real difference maker in this game.

With this loss it could potentially mark the end of the Tom Brady in New England era. He stated in his post game interview that’s it is “very unlikely” that he does in fact retire. So that leaves two options. He stays with New England or he signs with another team.

Let’s imagine for a second that Brady doesn’t re-sign with the Patriots. I hate to break to all the Patriots haters, but that still doesn’t mean the dynasty is over. Brady may be the greatest QB to ever play the game, but so long as Bill Belichick is the Head Coach the Patriots dynasty will continue.

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Without Tom Brady the New England Patriots are still 18-6 all time. That was with a full season of a scrub named Matt Cassel as QB as well. Belichick is by far the best coach the world has ever seen and he is the reason this dynasty is what it is.

So let’s keep playing this what if game for a second. What if Belichick makes a move for Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, or Cam Newton? All three are likely to be on the market this offseason and Bill has made a career out of taking nobodies and turning then into star players.

In this case none of them are nobodies, but none of them have lived up to their true potential. All three of the above mentioned could wreak havoc in New England for another five to ten years while keeping the dynasty alive under Belichick.

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Ultimately Tom Brady will re-sign with the Patriots for around $20-$25 million so the team can go out and get him pieces for next season. One early exit in the last ten years doesn’t mean that the dynasty is over. It’s definitely fun to pretend though.

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