2020 Warrior Hockey/ECHL All-Star Classic Recap

2020 Warrior Hockey/ECHL All-Star Classic Recap

For those of you who missed it or just want to read a recap of the events here you go:


Per the ECHL.com

Following the format established last season, the Warrior/ECHL All-Star Classic presented by Toyota will feature a 3-on-3 tournament with four teams competing for the top spot. The host Wichita Thunder will make up two of the four teams and face-off against the other two teams made up of All-Star players from the Eastern and Western Conference. These four teams will compete in a 3-on-3 tournament with rally scoring in order to crown a winner. The 2020 Kansas Star Casino/ECHL All-Star Skills Competition will take place in between rounds of the tournament, with results counting towards the cumulative score.

The ECHL made some changes and went with 14 players – 8 skaters, 4 defensemen, a goalie, and one of the four women from the U.S. Women’s National Team. The four women were Dani Cameranesi, Kali Flanagan (engaged to Wheeling Nailers Brandon Hawkins) , Gigi Marvin, and 3-Time World Champion Annie Pankowski.

There will also be three skills competitions with each winning player awarded 1 point for his team.


Eastern Conference

G – Parker Milner, South Carolina Stingrays

D – Michael Brodzinski, Orlando Solar Bears

D – Joseph Duszak, Newfoundland Growlers

D – Logan Roe, Florida Everblades (C)

F –Roman Ammirato, Norfolk Admirals

F – Jake Elmer, Maine Mariners

F – Tommy Marchin, Atlanta Gladiators

F – Jordan Samuels-Thomas, Worcester Railers

F – Brendan Warren, Jacksonville Icemen

PWHPA- Kali Flanagan 

Coach- Steve Bergin, South Carolina 

Western Conference All-Stars

G – Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, Cincinnati Cyclones

D – Brady Norrish, Idaho Steelheads

D – Taylor Richart, Utah Grizzlies (C)

D – Zach Osburn, Kansas City Mavericks

F – Cam Brown, Wheeling Nailers

F – Josh Kestner, Toledo Walleye

F – J.J. Piccinich, Tulsa Oilers

F – Tyler Sheehy, Allen Americans

PWHPA- Gigi Marvin 

Coach- Steve Martinson, Allen


F-Beau Starett 

F-Peter Crinella 

F-Spencer Dorowicz 

F-Ostap Safin

F-Billy Exell 

D-Vincent Desharnais 

D-Riley Weselowski (C)

D-Patrick Parkonen 

D-Sean Allen 

D-Zachary Borsoi

G-Evan Weninger

G-David Wells 

PWHPA- Annie Pankowski 


F-Stefan Fournier ( C )

F-Chris Crane 

F-Nolan Vesey

D-Fabrizio Ricci

F-Garrett Schmitz

D-Jacob Graves 

F-Jason Salvaggio

G- Mitch Gillam

PWPHA- Dani Cameranesi 

First Round

Bolts vs Western 3-2

1:08 Bolts -Desharnais (Safin and Starett)

2:48 West- Kestner (none)

3:29 West- Richart (Marvin and Brown)

4:27 Bolts- Starrett (none)

6:13 Bolts- Crinella (Exell)

Gigi Marvin gets first women’s assist in ECHL All-Star Game History.

Bolts 3

Western 2

Hammers vs Eastern 6-1

1:06 East- Samuels-Thomas (Roe)

2:43 East- Warren (Flanagan and Ammirato)

3:40 East- Roe (Duszak)

3:55 East- Duszak (Samuels-Thomas)

4:42 East- Samuels-Thomas (Duszak and Roe)

5:35 East- Tommy Marchin (Elmer)

6:34 Hammers- Fournier (Schmitz)

Eastern 6

Hammers 1

Bolts vs Eastern 3-1

:37 Bolts-Pankowski (Parkkonen and Weselowski)

4:06 Bolts- Dorowicz (Parkkonen and Allen)

6:44 Bolts- Desharnais (Starrett)

6:58 East- Elmer (Warren and Roe)

Eastern 7

Bolts 6

Hammers vs Western 5-2

:35 Hammers- Salvaggio (Crane and Schmitz)

1:03 Hammers- Fournier (Ricci)

1:36 Hammers- Fournier (Ricci and Cameranesi)

3:51 West- Richart (none)

5:12 Hammers- Cameranesi (Ricci and Graves)

6:06 West- Osburn (none)

6:54 Hammers- Fournier (Vesey)

With Dani Cameranesi’s goal all four women had at least 1 point.

Hammers 6

Western 4

Western vs Eastern 2-1

1:23 West- Kestner (none)

1:51 West- Marvin (Richart)

5:05 East- Marchin (Flanagan and Ammirato)

Eastern 8

Eastern 6

Bolts vs Hammers 2-2

:21 Hammers- Crane (Salvaggio)

1:31 Bolts- Dorowicz (Parkkonen and Borsoi)

5:17 Bolts- Starrett (Exell and Desharnais)

6:05 Hammers- Schmitz (Vesey and Graves)

Bolts 8

Hammers 8

Skills Competitions

Fastest Skater, Hardest Shot and Accuracy Shooting. Each competition will feature one player from each team, with the winning player earning one point for his team.

The Fastest Skater will include Newfoundland’s Joseph Duszak, Tulsa’s J.J. Piccinich, Wichita’s Billy Exell and Fabrizio Ricci. PWHPA participants Dani Cameranesi and Kali Flanagan showcase the Fastest Skater competition prior to the event.

The Hardest Shot will feature Florida’s Logan Roe, Idaho’s Brady Norrish, and Wichita’s Ostap Safin, and Stefan Fournier.

Competing in Accuracy Shooting are Atlanta’s Tommy Marchin, Toledo’s Josh Kestner, Wichita’s Peter Crinella, and Chris Crane. PWHPA participants Gigi Marvin and Annie Pankowski will showcase the Accuracy Shooting competition prior to the event.


Fastest Skater: J.J. Piccinich, Western (13.05) 1 point for Western Conference

Hardest Shot: Brady Norrish, Western (95 MPH) 2 points for Western Conference

Accuracy Shooting: Tommy Marchin (2.365 seconds) 3 Points for Eastern Conference

Second Round Seedings

1. Western Conference – 9 Points

2. Bolts – 8 Points

3. Eastern – 8 Points

4. Hammers – 8 Points

Second Round

Western vs Hammers

2:29 West- Kestner (Sheehy and Norrish)

4:35 West- Saulnier (Osburn)

4:50 Hammers- Vesey (Ricci)

5:07 Saulnier (Richart and Piccinich)

5:30 Richart (Saulnier)

Western 13

Hammers 9

Bolts vs Eastern

:09 East- Roe (none)

1:14 Bolts- Dorowicz (Weselowski)

1:32 Bolts- Brodzinski (Ammirato)

4:32 Bolts- Desharnais (Pankowski)

5:26 East- Warren (Roe)

5:46 East- Marchin (Ammirato and Roe)

5:57 Bolts- Parkkonen (Starrett)

6:32 East- Starrett (Parkkonen and Exell)

5:26 Warren (Roe)

5:46 Marchin (Ammirato and aloe)

5:57 Parkkonen (Starrett)

6:32 Starrett (Parkkonen and Exell)

Eastern 12

Hammers 12

Tommy Marchin (Eastern Conference) wins accuracy shooting competition worth 3 points.

Final Standings:

  1. Eastern 15
  2. Western 12
  3. Hammers 12
  4. Bolts 9

Final Round

Western vs Eastern

2:10 East- Ammirato (Brodzinski)

3:19 West- Piccinich (Richart)

4:20 East- Flanagan (Duszak)

5:04 West- Norrish (Kestner and Marvin)

6:37 West- Norrish (Saulnier and Piccinich)

Champions: Eastern Conference wins 4-3 over Western Conference by virtue of a 2 goal advantage for entering the game as the #1 seed.

With Flanagan’s goal all 4 women scored a goal in the All-Star Classic.

MVP: Logan Roe, Florida Everblades

Featured Photo Credit: ECHL.com

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