Can Myles Garrett Actually Win His Suspension Appeal?

Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett was suspended indefinitely after his role in a fight at the end of Thursday nights 21-7 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. With just :14 left on the clock, Garrett went to tackle Steelers QB Mason Rudolph. He took the tackle all the way to the ground even though Rudolph had already thrown the ball.


Rudolph took exception to the tackle and proceeded to attempt to rip off Garrett’s helmet while on the ground. Garrett then decided to return the favor by taking off Rudolph’s helmet. Rudolph now without a helmet then went back after Garrett.

In the course of all of this Rudolph did indeed hit Garrett in the family jewels with his cleat. What happened next is what set the indefinite suspension that Garrett got. Garrett used Rudolph’s helmet as a weapon and hit Rudolph on the head with it.


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At that point Steelers OL Maurkice Pouncey stepped in to protect his QB. He got a three game suspension. Cleveland S Larry Ogunjobi also shoved Rudolph to the ground while he was facing the other way. This caused him to get a one game suspension. Both teams have been fined $250,000 for the actions of the players.

It is also expected that Rudolph will also be fined for his role. As of right now there have been other fines or suspensions handed down. It’s highly unlikely anyone else will be suspended past this point.

The Garrett team is planning on citing that the CBA does not allow for indefinite suspensions for on field actions. His goal would be to get a finite number as well as a reduction in his appeal.

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On the surface it seems very possible that this could actually happen. All you have to do to see reality is look back on the history of NFL suspensions such as Tom Brady, Ezekiel Elliott, and Ray Rice . The NFLPA has set a standard that they don’t care about the players suspensions. They let the NFL do what they want suspension wise. Unfortunately, Garrett won’t be any different.

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