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Game Changer Sports Network originally started in August of 2017 as a two best friends talking about what we love once a week on Facebook Live. We hosted the show in the Owner Jake’s basement. The show was called “The Game Changer”.

The premise of the show was to bring back that old school, no politics, and no filler nonsense to sports reporting. We want the sports to stay the sports. The politics can stay the politics. Here at GCSN, we care about the sports, not the over-analyzed in between time fillers.

After doing the show for three months we decided to expand further and start growing the team. “The Game Changer” officially re-branded in March of 2018 as Game Changer Sports Network. In our first official year as a company we got just over 350,000 views (March 1st to December 31st, 2018). We knew right away that we had struck fire with the message we were trying to get across.

Our team has come a long way since we began and we now have over 30 members that contribute to our operation daily. Our talented writers have no problem taking a step back and adding their personal life experiences into an article. Our photographers have no issues with taking a paintball to the chin to snap a good picture. Our digital media team loves creating the next viral image you’ve probably seen across your own Facebook feed. My friends, this is just the beginning.

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