You hear people talk about it around the postseason time. “Man I really hope my team can get home field advantage”. There’s nothing better than chasing a World Series title with 50,000 crazy, insane fans chanting their team on.

But all this talk of home field advantage got me thinking…does it even matter in the MLB postseason? I decided to go back the past 10 MLB Postseasons to 2008, and look at every Championship (ALCS/NLCS) and World Series played in that time, to see if the team with home field advantage won the series.

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Below you will see each year’s ALCS, NLCS and World Series that were played. The first team listed will always be the team with home field advantage. Next to the series will be a simple “yes” or “no”. “Yes” if the team with home field advantage won, “no” if they did not.


ALCS (TB vs. BOS) – Yes
NLCS (PHI vs. LAD) – Yes
World Series (TB vs. PHI) – No
’08 Total – 2/3


ALCS (NYY vs. LAA) – Yes
NLCS (LAD vs. PHI) – No
World Series (NYY vs. PHI) – Yes
’09 Total – 2/3


ALCS (TEX vs. NYY) – Yes
NLCS (PHI vs. SF) -No
World Series (SF vs. TEX) – Yes
’10 Total – 2/3


ALCS (TEX vs. DET) – Yes
NLCS (MIL vs. STL) – No
World Series (STL vs. TEX) – Yes
’11 Total – 2/3


ALCS (NYY vs. DET) – No
NLCS (SF vs. STL) – Yes
World Series (SF vs. DET) – Yes
’12 Total – 2/3


ALCS (BOS vs. DET) – Yes
NLCS (STL vs. LAD) – Yes
World Series (BOS vs. STL) – Yes
’13 Total – 3/3


ALCS (BAL vs. KC) – No
NLCS (STL vs. SF) – No
World Series (KC vs. SF) – No
’14 Total – 0/3


ALCS (KC vs. TOR) – Yes
NLCS (NYM vs. CHI) – Yes
World Series (KC vs. NYM) – Yes
’15 Total – 3/3


ALCS (CLE vs. TOR) – Yes
NLCS (CHC vs. LAD) – Yes
World Series (CLE vs. CHC) – No
’16 World Series – 2/3


ALCS (HOU vs. NYY) – Yes
NLCS (LAD vs. CHC) – Yes
World Series (LAD vs. HOU) – No
’17 World Series – 2/3


ALCS (BOS vs. HOU) – Yes
NLCS (MIL vs. LAD) – No
World Series (BOS vs. LAD) – Yes
’18 Total – 2/3

As you can see, out of the 33 series played, 22 of the teams that had home field advantage have came out on top, or about 66% of the time.

So the stats sure do say that home field advantage does matter during the MLB postseason, but does it matter as much as other sports? I tend to lead towards no.

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Football for instance, is a one game elimination, not 5 or 7 like we see in baseball. So to play in front of your home crowd once, really increases the chance of the team with home field advantage winning.

Also, in NBA and NHL, I believe the stadium has a lot to do with home court/ice advantage. NBA and NHL arenas are enclosed, so the stadium seems fuller, even though NBA and NHL arenas hold much less people than MLB stadiums.

I would’ve assumed home field isn’t as important in baseball. Mostly because of pitching. There are some pitchers out there, that for whatever reason can’t pitch at home. Not to mention the team is facing 4-5 different pitchers in a series.

The crowd is almost on top of each other in that smaller space, so it seems a lot louder and crazier in those arenas which can definitely effect opposing teams.

So the statistics definitely confirm that when it comes to Championship series and the World Series it is definitely beneficial to have home field advantage.

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