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GCSN College Football Pick ’em: Week 1

     College Football season is officially here and we here at Game Changer Sports Network thought it would be fun to choose 10 games a week and see who knows (or is the best guesser) more about college football.


West Virginia University vs James Madison (#2 FCS)

Alex Brown: WVU
Andrew Ashworth:WVU
Bryan Beggs: WVU
Jake Jollymore: WVU
Jason Williamson: WVU
Tim Sorota: WVU

Iowa State vs Northern Iowa

Alex Brown: Iowa State
Andrew Ashworth: Iowa State
Bryan Beggs: Iowa State
Jake Jollymore: Iowa State
Jason Williamson: Iowa State
Tim Sorota: Iowa State

North Carolina vs South Carolina

Alex Brown: South CarolinaAndrew Ashworth:South CarolinaBryan Beggs: South CarolinaJake Jollymore: South CarolinaJason Williamson: South CarolinaTim Sorota: South Carolina

#2 Alabama vs Duke

Alex Brown: Alabama
Andrew Ashworth: Alabama
Bryan Beggs: Alabama
Jake Jollymore: Alabama
Jason Williamson: Alabama
Tim Sorota: Alabama

Northwestern vs #25 Stanford

Alex Brown: Northwestern
Andrew Ashworth: Northwestern
Bryan Beggs: Stanford
Jake Jollymore: Stanford
Jason Williamson: Northwestern
Tim Sorota: Stanford

Boise State vs Florida State

Alex Brown: Florida State
Andrew Ashworth: Florida State
Bryan Beggs: Florida State
Jake Jollymore: Boise State
Jason Williamson: Florida State
Tim Sorota: Boise State

Pitt vs Virginia

Alex Brown: Virginia
Andrew Ashworth: Pitt
Bryan Beggs: Virginia
Jake Jollymore: Virginia
Jason Williamson: Pitt
Tim Sorota: Virginia

#16 Auburn vs #11 Oregon

Alex Brown: Oregon
Andrew Ashworth: Oregon
Bryan Beggs: Auburn
Jake Jollymore: Auburn
Jason Williamson: Oregon
Tim Sorota: Auburn

Houston vs #4 Oklahoma

Alex Brown: Oklahoma
Andrew Ashworth: Oklahoma
Bryan Beggs: Oklahoma
Jake Jollymore: Oklahoma
Jason Williamson: Oklahoma
Tim Sorota: Oklahoma

#9 Notre Dame vs Louisville

Alex Brown: Louisville

Andrew Ashworth: Notre Dame

Bryan Beggs: Notre Dame
Jake Jollymore: Notre Dame
Jason Williamson: Louisville
Tim Sorota: Notre Dame

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