AFC West Outlook: The Correct Edition

With the premiere of Monday Night Football now two weeks away, it’s time to begin submitting our yearly picks. In this featured series, which we can admire for it’s accuracy next February, the AFC West is first on the clock.


Obviously, the Denver Broncos are the #1 option to win the division. As a Denver Native I can ensure the unbiased accuracy behind this prediction. Joe Flacco will bring us all the glory as he lifts the Lombardi Trophy next year. More glory will rain upon us the following year, too, to be honest. So, as the sun sets on the horizon, the dazzling rays of blue and orange will illuminate the fervent sky as…okay I’m done, I promise. Now, onto the accuracy that is the division rankings at seasons end:

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 13-3
  • Los Angeles Chargers: 12-4
  • Denver Broncos: 7-9
  • Oakland Raiders: 5-11

Lets not sit idly by and act like last season didn’t happen. Even though literally, nobody is. Patrick Mahomes proved he is easily one of the most dominating QB’s for the future. He has also shown glimpses that he has the potential to be one of the all-time greats. His skill set is unique in that, well, he can do everything. If Kansas City is on par with last year, the 13-3 record might be a little too liberal. I would not be surprised to see them ultimately finish 14-2, or even 15-1. But, for the sake of the unknown, I’ll take the minus.

Phillip Rivers has one of the most intense personalities in the NFL. Some would argue their youngest child, who was born last week, has a similar passion too. Last season, Rivers led the Chargers to a 12-4 record at age of 37 years old. As he leads this years Chargers at the ripe age of 38, much of the success is on his shoulders. As the team’s veteran, Joey Bosa will be looking to Rivers for inspiration to lead the defense. If these two can lead as anticipated, don’t be shocked to see a 12-win season.

Joe Flacco, for many years, was despised in Denver. In the 2012 Divisional Round, this play resulted in months of darkness in the Denver Area. This is excluding the experiment that was Josh McDaniels, of course. Though John Elway brought in Joe Flacco, it’ll be the defense that tells the story this year. Chris Harris, Von Miller, Derek Wolfe and Bradley Chubb could prove to be quite the tandem this season. However, even if that is the case, I think 7 wins is just about right for the 2019 Denver Broncos.

The Antonio Brown’s – I’m sorry, the Oakland Raiders – have been the topic of conversation for much of the off-season. It’s probably a good thing Hard Knocks is filming it all too. With the recent helmet debate, the Diva Raiders of the West are knocking on the front door to success. Though he might do so with tears in his eyes, Antonio Brown being available could make a huge difference. There is no denying that Derek Carr had his fair share of struggles last season. With Antonio Brown as his newest receiver, together they could very well be what the other needs to find success again. But they won’t win more than 5, if that’s the case. Las Vegas, are you sure you still want them?

Well how do you feel about this? Accurate? What would you change? Comment below for a discussion!

Featured Photo Credit: Bryan Douglass/sporttechie

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