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Andrew Luck Files Retirement From NFL

Welcome to a casual night of Saturday Night Preseason Football! Andrew Luck has sent a shock-wave across the sports world, announcing his retirement from the NFL. According to Adam Shefter, the announcement will be made official Sunday during a press conference. Luck is apparently mentally worn down, and has began to check out.


This announcement leaves many fans in awe, and many more speechless. Luck was often considered one of the most prolific Quarterbacks drafted in recent memory, and he was the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Though Luck was able to follow his dream, he was haunted with a slew of unfortunate injuries. We may never know what type of career he would have graced us with had he remained healthy. So, on behalf of all fans across the NFL: We will miss you sir, and wish you the best of luck!


Photo credit to Eric Christian Smith/AP

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