Chubby Chasers Impress For The First Time This Season

The Chubby Chasers came out in Boston Paintball’s NEXPL Event 4 looking for blood. The bracket for Prelims that they drew was not in their favor. They drew the season standings leader New England Outlawz, the up and coming New England Infamous, and the very up and down team Boss Ballers.


Walking into E4 they had yet to actually win a match. The first match of the day didn’t change that. A 3-3 tie with Infamous started their day off. After that they squeezed out a 4-3 upset over New England Outlawz. They ended the prelims with getting beat up 5-1 by BossBallers. At that point it didn’t matter because they were already in the playoffs with how the day played out.

Kyle Kilroy and Serhii Abramov had the day of their lives on the field. Both of them held down the snake throughout the day better than I have seen. They looked better on this Prague Layout then the two best snake players in Division 3, Jared Bledsoe and Nicholas Katz.

The biggest change in their day was that D1 player John Darula played with them all day. His leadership on the field was paramount in getting them to the podium. The Dorito side was shut down for the better part of the day while he was there.

Leslie Keyser, Chris McCaughey, and Matt Flynn did a solid job holding down the middle of the field. In a game where positions aren’t really important anymore, this team was able to jump around as needed to get the critical points that they needed.

I’m the Semi-Finals they barely beat out Deadbox Factory 4-3. Deadbox was not happy about how the refs called this match. Chubby Chasers would move into the finals in the first playoffs that they played this season.

The day came to an end with a loss to Infamous in finals 5-1. After scoring the first point, Infamous came out and made quick work of Chubby Chasers. Chubby Chasers can take that and learn from it going into BONE.

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