Will TakeOver Be Undisputed?! | NXT TakeOver: Toronto Preview and Predictions

It’s finally here! We finally get another NXT TakeOver! I always get so pumped when NXT puts on a TakeOver show. I think they are some of the best shows that get put on in wrestling today and I cannot wait.

The show will take place on Saturday, August 10th in the same arena as Summerslam, the Scotiabank Arena. Me, being the Undisputed Era fan boy that I am, am very excited for this show. This show has a chance to be the biggest show in UE’s history, as it’s possible that every member of the Undisputed Era could walk out with gold. Plus we will see two women’s matches that each have the chance to be incredible.

Without any further ado, here are my predictions for NXT TakeOver: Toronto!

Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai

IO SHIRAI IS AMAZING! I liked Io as a baby face when she was teaming with Kairi Sane. Once Kairi got called up, something changed in Io Shirai. Candice LeRae tried being in her corner, but it just wasn’t the same.

Io turned on LeRae when Io lost the Shayna Baszler inside a steel cage for the NXT Women’s Championship. The two would trade attacks, but Io escaped the last attack right before LeRae could take a steel chair to her.

I enjoy Candice LeRae. I think she’s a great athlete and really connects with the crowd. But man….Io Shirai is on another level right now. Io has the chance to be one of the most feared heels in NXT. Her turn was met with a question mark for me, but I am so glad this happened.

Io has to win here. The only way I can see Io losing is by disqualification because the ref couldn’t get her to stop murdering LeRae. I truly believe a loss for Io here will do so much damage to her at this stage of her run.

Prediction: Io Shirai

Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong vs. Velveteen Dream (c)
NXT North American Championship Triple Threat Match

As I said earlier, I am an Undisputed Era fan boy. But I’m not allowing that to cloud my judgement here. I just genuinely believe that the Undisputed Era will be walking out of Toronto with all of the gold.

Dream is a great North American Champion. His arrogance and cockiness make the title feel all that more important. Roderick Strong has been chasing Dream since June.

Then there’s Pete Dunne. The incredible UK wrestler that, in the words of the great Mauro Ranallo, has a “propensity for finger food”. The former NXT UK Champion makes this a triple threat match, and if the match that he and Roddy had on NXT TV last week is any indication of the type of match we’re having here? Get ready for an instant classic.

I do believe that Dream is at the point where he’s going to be over with or without a title. I think Pete Dunne is going to be getting the call-up really soon here. This match could very well be his last one in NXT. Roderick Strong needs this win. He’s looked at as the weakest link of UE and can truly benefit from winning the North American Championship.

Prediction: Roderick Strong

Undisputed Era (Fish & O’Reilly) vs. The Street Profits (c)
NXT Tag Team Championship Match

The Street Profits are in a weird position. Not only are they the NXT Tag Team Champions, but they’re pretty much members of the Raw roster. They haven’t wrestled on the red brand, but they’ve made appearances on almost every Raw the past month.

Then there’s Fish and O’Reilly. The former ReDRagon and current Undisputed Era members have been one of the best teams NXT has seen. O’Reilly is an animal and Bobby Fish’s in ring work is terrific.

This goes along with what I said earlier about UE taking home all the gold. This is probably the match where it’s a lock that they win. Either Vince McMahon or Paul Heyman really love the Street Profits and probably want them on Raw permanently, so I imagine that will be the case.

Prediction: Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish

Mia Yim vs. Shayna Baszler (c)
NXT Women’s Championship Match

Mia Yim looks really good as of late. She’s taken out Duke and Shafir all while getting under the skin of NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. Yim has a chance to knock off the long time Champion and send her straight….to the main roster.

That’s the rumor folks. That Shayna Baszler will be getting called up to the main roster for a feud with The Man Becky Lynch. Maybe that will be the catalyst for Rousey to come back and we can finally get a Four Horsewoman show down.

This should be a solid match. Baszler uses her MMA skill in her wrestling and it makes for great action. As for Yim? I think she has potential to be one of the top women in NXT and she could kick it off with this match here.

Prediction: Mia Yim

Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole (c)
NXT Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Match

I know they’ve put on excellent matches and the program has been solid. But I’m kind of getting sick of Cole vs. Gargano. It’s no fault of the wrestlers because I thoroughly enjoy every match they’ve put on. But I think because of the lack of a finish to the Gargano vs. Ciampa story, I want to see that more than this.

Cole and Gargano were able to select the match types for each of the first two falls. Cole chose a regular singles match, while Gargano chose a street fight. William Regal said he will choose the third match type if need be, which we all know will happen.

We very well could see the return of Tommaso Ciampa here. Reports have been he is ready to come back and he could return and cost his friend/enemy Gargano the match. With the rest of the Undisputed Era having matches earlier in the night, I don’t see them being a huge part in this match, but still feel Cole will walk out retaining his Championship.

Prediction: Adam Cole

Final Thought

I know putting all the eggs in the Undisputed Era basket can either be really smart or really stupid, but I truly believe it’ll happen. Adam Cole said that 2019 was going to be the year the UE is “draped in gold” and in the past it never really felt like it was going to happen. But now? it feels like it’s all but certain it will happen.

NXT will continue to put on great shows and this will be no different. Even if the Undisputed Era doesn’t win there are still plenty of great moments to be had. I’m personally looking forward to the Io and Candice match because I think Io is going to come out looking totally dominant.

Please be sure to let us know your predictions and stay tuned for my SummerSlam and TakeOver reviews after the shows!

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