Oh Look! Antonio Brown’s Back, Great.

I can’t talk for everyone, but I was getting rather concerned about Antonio Brown. We are just a hair over two weeks into the Preseason and we haven’t had any…oh wait, this just in. Antonio Brown Drama…it’s about time.

Here we go, Sir Antonio Brown is once again not only the hero we deserve, but the hero we need. According to sources, it has been brought to the attention of the Oakland Raiders that Antonio Brown will not play football again so long he isn’t allowed to wear *his* helmet. Just when Raider fans thought they might make it through preseason unscathed, he delivers.

I did something like this once when I was 18. At the time, I was a Lifeguard and we were required to do 4 training exercises a month. So I told my boss I wasn’t going to do them anymore, and she completely understood. It was awesome. She was so supportive and understanding of my reasoning’s. Then a couple weeks later I was at orientation for a Serving position at a restaurant because they fired me.

Okay, so I get it. Awful analogy, because I was clearly not one of the best in my field. But if you ask any NFL fan two things they know about Antonio they’ll most likely say the following: a) he is one of the best WR in the NFL and b) he was more than likely a Thespian in High School cause the boy loves him some drama!

One of the hard pressing issues the NFL and the NFLPA have been working to resolve is player safety, particularly involving concussions. This process has involved the regulating of helmets and putting particular measures in place to ensure safety for the players. If Antonio Brown is willing to retire on the basis his helmet is deemed unfit for safety reasons, let him retire, please. Let him retire. We as fans deserve better.

Can I also personally say I am ultra excited to see this episode on “Hard Knocks” as they are currently filming Oakland’s training camp. But I sincerely hope the NFL approves his helmet so he can get out there and play, and this nonsense doesn’t have to turn into another story. So Antonio, just get over it please. Thanks.

Who is excited for the season to start?

Featured Photo Credit – Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group

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