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Nick Bosa Ankle Injury Cause of Concern?

Nick Bosa has a bright future, but should 49ers fans be worried? During practice on Wednesday, Nick was helped off the field due to an ankle injury. Originally, the injury sustained was thought to be minor. But in an interview with KNBR, San Francisco 49ers General Manager John Lynch revealed something different. The injury sustained was that of a ‘high-ankle sprain’ on his right ankle. He would follow this statement by saying Nick would miss the rest of the preseason.

One of the only concerns surrounding Nick Bosa was his history with injuries. He missed the entirety of his senior season at Ohio State due to an injury to his core-muscles. He would also miss the entire off-season program as a result of a hamstring injury. There is absolutely no denying that Nick has all the talent needed to be a force in the NFL. In fact, many have selected him as their choice for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

But with his history of injuries is it fair to say that this injury should be the cause of worry? Is Nick on his way to becoming the Greg Oden of the NFL? I’m gonna say no, but let me explain why:

To have a history of injuries, one must have an actual history of injuries. At his High School in Florida, Nick was a starter all four years and was a first team all-state player multiple times as well. His first real injury wouldn’t happen until his Junior Year at Ohio State, when on September 20th of 2018 he underwent core-muscle surgery. This would rule him out for the season and Nick would later declare for the 2019 NFL Draft.

A high ankle sprain isn’t an uncommon sports injury either, as it is often considered one of the most common injuries an athlete can have. However, to all those San Francisco 49ers Fans, you can be at peace. Nick will rebound, and while he is out there being a nightmare for QB’s everywhere, his injuries will be that of a second thought.

Featured Photo Credit – Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group

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